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Dev (Colors) 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 10th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Stuthi coming in Meera’s body and telling everyone that someone has tortured her, she has committed suicide to stop them. She faints. Dev holds Meera. Meera gets fine and hugs him, crying and asking him to get justice for Stuthi. Stuthi’s past and college life is seen. Shuthi says Papa will not agree for over night party. Saurabh says I will drop you at 12. Stuthi says fine, I will ask dad and come. Nisha and Stuthi come to Saurabh’s house. They all drink and party. They dance. Nisha and Vipul dance. Saurabh spikes Stuthi’s drink. Nisha vomits. She feels sick. Vipul asks Nisha to sleep for an hour, he will wake her up. Stuthi asks Saurabh to drop her home. Saurabh asks her not to spoil mood. Vipul says I will drop you. Saurabh says stop Vipul, wait, I want to show you something. Saurabh flirts with her. Stuthi asks Vipul to explain Saurabh.

Vipul acts to scold Saurabh and teases her. Stuthi asks don’t you have shame, Nisha is your fiancee, I m her best friend. Vipul says make us your best friend as well. Vipul and Saurabh rape her. Meera says Stuthi was broken by the torture, the day she took her life, Saurabh called her even that day. Saurabh threatens to make her video viral. She says I will not be alive, then how will you torture me, you made me mad. She commits suicide. Meera says Stuthi’s soul is with me, she won’t go till she gets justice. Dev asks his friend Atul was Meera acting of Stuthi’s soul. Atul says how would Meera know Stuthi was raped by her friends. Dev asks Meera to come. Meera says Stuthi has gone through a lot. She cries and hugs Dev.

He says come I will drop you. Meera greets Stuthi’s dad Raghu. He sees Stuthi in her. Lukka chupi….plays….. Dev drops Meera home. Vipul asks how can you be so calm. Saurabh says Stuthi’s dad has done this, come we will kill him. Meera gets alert. Stuthi contacts her. Stuthi asks Meera to save her dad.

Dev and Atul come to meet Raghu, and find him beaten up. Atul says we will take you to hospital. Dev asks who were they. Raghu says it was those two guys, don’t leave them. Dev takes Atul’s phone and says I will call Meera for Raghu ji. Dev calls Meera. She says I know everything, tonight it will come to an end. Nisha’s parents does puja. Saurabh gets scared on hearing Stuthi’s voice. Vipul goes to him and asks what happened.

Saurabh says something is not normal. Nisha asks what. Saurabh says stalker tension and all. Nisha says every evil will end after this puja, come. Meera as Stuthi comes to meet Raghu. She asks him to rest, all pain will end tonight. He says don’t leave me again. Dev calls Nisha and says its time to meet you, we have to tell you truth, we made you away from Vipul, Vipul and Saurabh are not like they look, Stuthi committed suicide because of them. She asks what, are you mad. He says no, you are made mad by them, do as I say and see. Vipul gets pic of Nisha kidnapped and wakes up Saurabh. Saurabh slaps him and asks him to stop it, message him and ask what does he want. Dev replies you both at this place. He sends the address. He asks Atul will police come. Atul says yes sure. Narvekar gets informed about the stalkers calling Vipul and Saurabh.

Atul fixes camera. He messages inspector and asks him to come to the address soon. Vipul says I hope Nisha is safe. Saurabh says nothing will happen. They get into a fight. They see Stuthi in the car and get shocked. They hit somewhere. Dev asks where are they. Narvekar reaches there. Atul says since when did police start coming first.

Narvekar and Dev meet. Nisha tells Narvekar that Vipul and Saurabh have raped Stuthi, so she got fed up and committed suicide. Dev has shown the video to Nisha and asked her if she will support them, to which Nisha agreed. Dev says they both didn’t reach yet, where are they. Stuthi asks Vipul and Saurabh to accept their crime if they want to save Nisha. Saurabh asks Vipul not to say anything. Vipul says enough, we did a crime and we should get punished, I will tell truth to everyone. Saurabh angrily hits Vipul. Stuthi stabs Saurabh. Narvekar and Dev are on the way. Dev asks Atul to trace Meera’s phone. Atul says its same location. Narvekar and Dev reach there with Nisha. Stuthi tries to kill Saurabh. She punishes Saurabh. Dev stops Meera from killing Saurabh. Dev says Meera has a little son, leave Meera for her son Stuthi, atleast for your dad. Stuthi leaves Meera’s body. Dev holds Meera in arms. Saurabh accepts his crime that he has raped Stuth. Narvekar says you interfered in my work today, but you did a commendable job. Dev takes Meera.

Raghu does Stuthi’s final rites. Meera feels sick. Dev holds her. Stuthi possesses Meera and talks to Nisha, asking her to take care and be happy. She says I got justice and goes. Raghu thanks Meera and Dev. Dev comes to meet Meera and says I came to ask something. Meera asks him to ask. Dev asks can you contact Mahek. She says I can try, can you tell me everything about Mahek’s death. Dev says no, I don’t want to hear anything and say, forget it. She says I want to support you, I want to know how she died, why were you blamed, please tell me. Zohra comes and looks on. Dev goes and sits tensed.

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