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Dev (Colors) 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with a girl getting murdered by someone. Dev gets a blank cheque. Zohra Apa gets glad. The man calls Dev for help, to save an innocent life. Zohra Apa says we need money to pay for bills, take the case. Dev calls police station and talks to constable. He gets info about the murder. He reaches the apartment and sees the reporters covering the murder incident. Dev gets in there as a reporter. He asks constable about Narvekar. He says I have to take pics for forensics. Dev clicks pics of almost everything seen and doubted at the crime scene. He sees the dead body of the girl, and looks for the possible weapons around. He sees the bedroom and senses what would have happened. The girl tells inspector about Gita’s boyfriend Arjun coming home at night, they used to fight a lot. Arjun clicks more pics. He sees Narvekar coming and hides. Watchman tells he has seen Arjun running away, he had blood on his clothes. Narvekar sees Dev and asks what are you doing here. Dev says I came here for morning walk. Narvekar argues and asks everyone not to talk to Dev. Dev leaves. He helps a lady. He sees Gita’s parents.

Dev goes to the hotel and meets some man. The man Ashok Prathan aims gun at Dev. Dev says I think you need me much, I can’t accept the cheque till I know your son is innocent, I m detective and people give me blank cheque for my work. They see the news. Arjun comes there. Dev asks him what happened. Arjun says we had dinner and then we slept, when I woke up, I found her murdered, I called Papa and then… Dev asks do you take drugs that you slept till murder happened, what did you tell Papa, that murder happened. Arjun says Papa asked me to run away, watchman saw me. Dev asks about Gita’s friend. Arjun says she tried to come close to me, she fought with Gita. Dev says I will take the case, it will be shown later if its good for you or not, its better to keep gun away.

Zohra Apa asks him to encash the cheque. Dev lies on the bed and thinks what happened and how, someone has taken key impressions on the soap and entered the house, there are many questions, do you have burqa. She says yes, why. Zohra comes to the apartment and diverts the watchman. Dev enters the apartment. She makes an excuse and leaves. Dev comes there. He hears a sound from neighbor’s house and rings bell. He asks neighbor to talk to him, he won’t tell anyone that he can run on his legs. The man asks how do you know. Dev says by your slipper’s sole, why don’t you repair your door. The man says don’t tell police, else they will think I did Gita’s murder. Dev asks why this wheel chair acting. The man says I get salary when I lied about getting disabled. Dev asks about Gita. The man says Gita was very aggressive, she used to fight with Daisy for Arjun.

He tells about other neighbor who kept Gita’s parents home. Dev meets the neighbor and says I know you knew about Gita’s murder, police will torture you, shall I call police. The man lets him in. The first neighbor calls someone. Dev and Meera get surprised seeing each other. The man says we called Meera to get soul peace for Gita. Dev asks Meera to take her bag and leave. She steps on his feet and goes. Dev says she is fraud, I saved her from getting arrested, I m detective Dev, I m investigating Gita’s murder case. Her mum says we came to solve Gita and Arjun’s problem, she said everything is fine, she dropped us to airport, Arjun did all this.

Neighbor talks against Gita. Dev taunts him that its good he doesn’t have any daughter. Dev leaves from there. Someone attacks and makes him unconscious. The person ties him and drops him in water. Dev recalls meeting his wife Mahek for the first time.

Mahek asks him to get up, he can’t die like this. Dev opens eyes and swims his way out. Dev tells Zohra Apa that someone wanted to kill him, the culprit is in the building. Meera comes there. She scolds him. She says I got homeless because of you, you have to find a home for me, else I will complain to Narvekar, he was my senior in college, he is my friend and can do anything for me. Dev asks her to do his work. Meera goes and meets Narvekar. He asks her to wait for some time and goes. She clicks pics of Gita’s files. Dev meets Daisy. She tells she never fought with Gita. He asks about Arjun. She says Arjun badly eyed me and tried coming lose, Gita and I had miscommunication, she couldn’t trust Arjun, she was breaking up with Arjun, she called Arjun as floor had darkness, she was scared of darkness. Arjun asks Daisy about her internship, does she get chloroform easily. He goes. Meera gives him report. She says I got it, I have to stay here. Zohra says you can’t let her stay here. Meera says Dev promised me. Zohra Apa argues. Dev goes and bribes the watchman. He gets to know about lightman Mohan. Mohan flees. Dev meets Narvekar. Dev says Mohan may have done this murder. Narvekar says we got the murderer, Arjun. Arjun asks Dev to save him. Dev says Arjun is not the murderer. Narvekar says Mohan committed suicide, wherever you go, people lose lives. Narvekar puts Dev in lockup.

Dev says I m missing something. Dev recalls the murder incident. Ye raat….plays…. Police follows a person. The man runs away. Dev catches the building watchman. Narvekar interrogates him. Watchman says I liked Gita a lot, I wanted to see her well, one day…. He eyes Gita. She scolds and slaps him. He gets revengeful. He keeps an eye on her. He cuts the floor electricity and went to her house with Mohan. He got her house keys’ impressions. He takes chloroform and makes Arjun faint. He tries to molest Gita. He says I explained her that I love her, she did not understand and got killed, I was afraid to get caught and tried to kill Dev. Narvekar asks why did you kill Mohan. The man says I had to tell Dev about Mohan and kill him. Narvekar scolds him.

Ashok and Arjun thank Dev. Gita’s parents thank Dev. Dev recalls Mahek. Narvekar asks how did you get postmortem reports. Dev says nothing is hidden to me. He leaves. Dev asks Meera is she leaving. Meera says Zohra Apa doesn’t want me to stay here, won’t you stop me. Dev asks why will I stop you. Zohra asks Dev for rent. Dev gives the cheque. She asks who was the murderer. He says one who have slapped, don’t know how girls get saved, you should think for Meera. She goes and stops Meera. She asks Meera to stay as her tenant. Meera asks how did Zohra’s decision change, Aviraj will be happy. He asks who. She says my son. He asks why did you not tell before. She asks did you not find it being a detective, Avi will be glad to stay here. She smiles and goes.


Dev (Colors) 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A pregnant woman goes missing. Dev takes the case.

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