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Dev (Colors) 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Zohra telling Meera about Mahek’s death and Dev’s arrest. FB shows Dev taken to the court. Zohra Apa says Dev had pain inside him, without knowing truth, they regarded a good man a culprit, he didn’t say any truth to me, but I have seen truth in his eyes, I was helpless and couldn’t support him, I could just pray for him. Judge says Dev is accused to kill his wife Mahek. The prosecution lawyer Fatima Hydari is introduced. Fatima tells about Dev killing Mahek and getting arrested. Dev recalls Mahek’s death.

Judge says you are representing yourself, right. Dev says yes, I will fight my case, its all nonsense blames on me. Zohra asks Dev to hire a lawyer. Dev refuses. Fatima says this is simple case, I will call my first witness, inspector, we were seeing Swami’s news and got this call, we heard about Mahek’s death, he was accused of killing Swami, we reached the house and saw Mahek dead. Fatima says its a husband and wife fight, he got angry and shot her. Dev says inspector is saying true, I don’t accept the blame, they didn’t say they have seen me killing my life. He asks which neighbor called him that night. Judge asks Dev will he wish to keep any opening statement. Dev says I m responsible for Swami’s death, because if I did my duty well, Swami ji would have been alive, his devotees blame me for his death, so I was finding the culprit, I heard of the culprit and went there to see.

Dev then comes home and gets shocked seeing Mahek with the gun. He asks what happened to you, give me this gun. She asks him not to come close, else she will shoot. He says its loaded, leave it. She says go away, else I will shoot. She asks who are you. He says its me Dev, your Dev, you are my Mahek. She says stay away, I will shoot. He says we both got married, we love each other. She says no, I don’t remember, you are lying. He says try to remember, did anyone come here, did anyone feed you anything, give me the gun. She asks him not to come close.

He asks her to trust him, else see their pics. He asks her did she recall anything. She sees pics and says Dev. He asks who did this. She says its because of me, you lost senses after Swami ji’s culprit, you got mad and made me mad, I told you to take me away, see what you did. He says its all my mistake, we should have gone away, Swami’s culprit is killed, I got two tickets, we are going.

She says no, I want to die, we will not go anywhere. He tries to stop her and struggles to get gun. She shoots herself. FB ends. He says this is the truth of her death, she was mentally unstable because of my stubbornness. Fatima says you have said a tragic love story, Dev was said a lie. Judge says next hearing will be held. Zohra says Dev was fighting the case himself, I was worried. She asks Dev to hire a lawyer. He says I didn’t do wrong, I will fight my case. Fatima and Dev argue.

Zohra helps Dev and gives statements of neighbors. He thanks her. He asks her to have courage, he has to get out of this prison, he will find out what happened with Mahek. She says just Lord is our support now. Fatima interrogates Doctor. Doctor says Mahek was disturbed, I suggested her neurological medicines. She asks doctor about Mahek. Dev tells them about the day when he proposed Mahek, Mahek said she wants to tell him truth but wants him to meet her truth. Mahek takes Dev to her parents grave and tells about her upbringing in orphanage, she has tried to commit suicide also, she has got pain from relations and now she has no courage, if she says yes, then she wants a promise that he won’t leave her. Dev says Mahek’s past made her shattered. He asks doctor about Mahek’s state. Judge asks police to find the caller. Dev says there was a camera in Mahek’s room, I m sure the footage can prove me innocent. Fatima says he is wasting time of court, we know about this camera, he doesn’t know there was no recording in this when police got this. Dev says this can’t happen. Fatima questions Zohra and tries to ask her about Dev’s plan.

Zohra recalls…..Dev and Mahek argue. She says we will leave from the city, you don’t need to prove anything. Dev says if I run away, they will think I m wrong, I can’t go away, I have to prove my innocence. She shouts. He pushes her and asks her to go away. Zohra says yes, Mahek was scared of Dev. Dev says I don’t want to trouble Zohra more. Zohra says I know my duty, I will not have any trouble, ask me, I will tell them how much you loved Mahek, I m proud of him.

Zohra meets Dev in police station. He talks about the case. She says your mind is running so fast in this tough time. He says its a war of truth. In the court, Fatima questions Dev. Dev tells about Swami’s death incident. Swami asks Dev to answer Mahek’s call, he also needs some time. Dev hears the gunshot and runs to see. Swami sees a car leaving and shoots. Fatima says you are always present at every death scene.

Dev says you look desperate to win this case. She says I might agree with you. She calls Narvekar in witness box. Narvekar tells about the attack at Dev’s house. Dev says this happens with us after Swami’s death. Dev shouts its all dragging, I was not disturbed. He asks Narvekar why did he had enquiry, tell the complete thing. Narvekar says you provoked me to shoot a man, I had to shoot him to save your life, I don’t want to trust you again. Dev says this man hates me, he never came to my house. Narvekar says he is lying. Dev asks what proof does he have that he came to my house. Judge doesn’t accept Narvekar’s statement.

During the last hearing, Fatima tells judge that she got the camera footage, maybe the recording was replaced, we got the investigation done, footage is ready. She plays the video. Fatima says Dev has struggled with Mahek to shoot her, she has tried to save herself but….. Dev says I told her about this camera, how did this footage came now. She says we are sorry, its imp that its proved Dev is culprit. Dev asks her to say she was sent this footage, a tea seller has given her this footage, it shows someone is responsible for Mahek’s murder and is framing me, why is police not finding anything. Judge says court has noticed this, what about the footage. Dev says the video is edited, conversation is not there, I was snatching the gun. Judge asks Dev how will you prove this, are you fine, case is going on, control yourself.

Fatima says he has nothing to prove he is innocent. He recalls Mahek’s death. Fatima says its proved Dev is culprit, everything is against him. He shouts enough. He asks her to rewind the video. He asks her to zoom and see in the mirror. He says now its seen clearly, gun is in my hand, but it was Mahek’s finger on the trigger. Dev closes eyes and sees Mahek. He says this is the truth, I wanted to say this, I was mad and guilty that I couldn’t save Swami, Mahek got in stress, I don’t know why this recording came, someone else wants me to get framed for Mahek’s death, its my bad fate that this footage got edited. Zohra claps for him. Judge says court has seen all witnesses and evidences, Dev is not Mahek’s murderer. Court declares Dev innocent. FB ends. Zohra says Mahek’s culprit was not known, someone did this to trap Dev, but why.

Meera sees Dev. She says Zohra told me about Mahek, we will find Mahek’s death’s answers together. Dev looks at her.


Dev (Colors) 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :A couple’s death is shown. Meera wants Dev to meet Mahek. Dev gets to see Mahek and meets with an accident.

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