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Dev (Colors) 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meera asking Dev is he ready to talk to Mahek, what does he want to ask Mahek. She asks him to trust her. Dev says I feel troubled thinking what happened with Mahek, who has done all this, I just wish she is fine. Meera tries to call Mahek’s spirit to talk to Dev. She asks him to let her try, sometimes spirits take time to come. He asks her to stop it, Mahek is dead, she won’t come, I was mad to trust you, you made Mahek a joke. He goes.

Dev goes to Mahek’s grave and sits sad. An old couple dies. Dev sees the news. Zohra recalls the old couple and tells them about the happy couple, they got killed by the robbers, their son left them, you take money from me and solve this case. Dev goes to the apartment. He looks at the guard and neighbors. He convinces the constable and gets inside the flat to check. He gets all details from the constable. Constable says maybe robbers didn’t know anyone is studying here, so maybe they killed them to loot the house. Dev asks do you also think robbers did this, duffer, stay away from Narvekar. He checks the medicines and says thief is coward, so he runs away, but this is a murder.

Constable says Narvekar has taken the footage. Dev asks him to give vacant houses list. Dev meets neighbor and asks her what happened with the old couple. She tells him about the old couple’s son asking them to sell the flat. Narvekar comes there. Dev says you are going in wrong direction, according to me… Narvekar says I know your record well, stay out of this. Dev calls up Meera and asks her to get Zohra along. Meera meets the old couple’s son as a reporter. Zohra asks the guard about them. Dev questions the maid. Meera scolds the man for being so irresponsible and not caring for his parents.

Meera calls Dev and tells him that Nikhil and Mr. Singh had solid motive to kill Gokhales. Dev gets lost of the vacant flats. Dev keeps an eye around the apartment. Narvekar asks him did he keep office here. Dev says what can we do if Meera wants to write free article, you know I will not stop till I catch culprit. He tells him the evidence. He says if you want to catch thief, I know where is the next robbery happening, let’s meet at the gate at night. The robbers come to rob a flat. Narvekar stops them.

Dev smiles seeing them. Dev asks the boys why did they murder the old couple. The boy says I didn’t kill them, but I knew we will get blamed. Dev tells Narvekar to check CCTV footage, there is something missing here. Dev checks the footage. He notices minute details. Dev asks Narvekar to come, he will get double promotion soon. Dev comes to Mr. Singh. He says I have called some guests, I was thinking how did thieves rob two houses in one day, Singh is secretary and wanted to buy Gokhale’s flat. Singh clarifies about the camera cleaning. Dev says just Nikhil can have benefit from his parents death, how did his watch come to guard, he was not here that day. Nikhil scolds him. Dev says you came here and killed the old couple, you have shut watchman’s mouth by giving your watch. Nikhil says you are lying. Dev says I don’t talk without proof, police will find the robbed things.

Narvekar comes there. Dev tells them he has calculated lift timings here, Malti has gone to Gokhale house, her husband has sprayed on the camera, Malti fainted the old couple and killed them. Malti apologizes and tells how she has killed the old couple. Dev says Nikhil is also responsible for this, you came there, but left, you didn’t think whether they are fine or not, you just went. Maai teri chunariya…..plays…. Dev thanks Narvekar for coming in the end and goes.


Dev (Colors) 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev sees Mahek alive and gets shocked. Dev meets with an accident. Meera shouts Dev.

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