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Dev (Colors) 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dev dropping Meera. He sees Mahek and gets shocked. He thinks how can she be Mahek. A truck hits Dev’s car. Dev meets with an accident. He gets treated. He imagines Mahek. Meera recalls Dev’s accident. Zohra prays for Dev. Dev is in city hospital. Meera asks Dev to keep lying, he doesn’t think for them, if anything happened to him. Zohra Apa gets emotional and tells Dev that he is her son, brother, family, can she stay alive without him, he was shouting Mahek, she is not here now. He says I have to go. She says I will break your leg. He says fine, I will not go, take Meera home. He thinks of finding Mahek and know the truth. He tries getting up and gets hurt. Nurse helps him rest and goes.

He recalls taking her phone and calls Abdul to get help. He recalls Mahek. He sees doctors coming and saying he is wrong patient, he won’t remember anything in anesthesia effect. A guy Udit gets treated. His dad Anand thanks doctor for free treatment. Nurse Ayushi asks Anand and Sheela not to worry. Udit talks to his parents. He is taken for surgery. Doctor asks Ayushi to inform Udit’s parents about him. Udit’s parents cry for him. Dev asks ward boy to take him out. Ayushi worries seeing Udit.

Dev recalls Mahek. He sees Udit in pain. Ayushi informs doctor about Udit’s pain. Meera and Zohra come to hospital and see Dev. They scold him for leaving from hospital. Dev says I have to go. Dev gets a call. Abdul says I have reached accident spot. Dev asks him to keep eyes open. Meera asks what’s happening. Dev says I m hungry.

Udit dies. Ayushi starts crying. She runs out. Sheela asks what happened. Dev recalls hearing the doctor. Dev asks Meera to return phone to nurse and ask her welfare in detail. Zohra says Meera has made your fav khichdi, I made biryani too, what happened, what will you have. Dev says I m ill, I will have khichdi. She asks why are you worried, tell me.

Dev recalls Mahek and says I don’t know, I will tell you when I find out. Meera goes to nurse and sees her with Dr. Shefali. Meera gives the phone and asks are you fine. Ayushi says yes, its my phone. Meera asks what was doctor telling you. Ayushi says I have to go for checkup. Abdul sees shop and says I m from police, I want to question. Udit’s parents scolds doctors for killing Udit. Doctor lies that Udit got heart attack. They ask Ayushi what happened with Udit. Dev looks on and says I know what’s going on here, doctor can save patient’s life, one mistake can take his life, it happens less that they don’t identify people, they will realize this soon, we will stay here for more days.

Dev calls Abdul and asks him to get city hospital history, see if there is any criminal cases on this, find about Shefali. He tells Meera that nurse Ayushi wanted to tell something, but she had pressure from doctors.

Meera says I heard Shefali threatening Ayushi. She takes Dev out. Dev sees doctor’s list. He asks Meera about accident. She says I was tensed when I saw your accident. He says you are worrying a lot about me. She says you are strange but not bad, you are good at heart. Dev recalls Mahek and shouts her name.

Meera asks what’s happening. Dev says Udit has died by some big game. He recalls Abdul telling him about Shefali treating patients, and patients dying. Dev asks Meera to call Narvekar and ask him to come to hospital. Dev takes his help. Narvekar and Constable dress in civil clothes and come to hospital to meet Shefali. Narvekar says he is my uncle, his kidney failed. Narvekar talks to doctor. Dev asks Zohra to get Udit’s parents with his case history. He asks Meera to get the file from reception. Meera asks him to rest. Meera goes to reception and talks to the man. She sends him with Zohra. She checks Udit’s history.

Narvekar meets Dev and asks are you fine. Dev says you guys look like you are going to a wedding. Narvekar says I was taken to a middle man, he has gone to Rajeev, he is running kidney racket, they are very clever, we can arrest them now if we want. Dev says no, we need solid proof. Narvekar and Dev take disguise. Narvekar leaves Dev in the morgue. Meera meets Dev’s parents. Sheela tells about Ayushi asking them to take rest, then Udit started screaming, then he has died. Anand says how can Udit get heart attack, I have all his reports, I will show. Meera checks reports. Meera meets receptionist and checks the files by fooling him. She gets details of Rameshwar, who got kidney transplant done.

Meera goes and meets Rameshwar’s wife. The lady praises the doctor. Meera comes to Dev and says I know whom was Udit’s kidney given, its given to Rameshwar. Dev says a good detective knows a good partner, good job Meera. Meera smiles and asks can I become your partner. Dev says I will decide that. Narvekar says we need confession. Dev asks what will police do. Narvekar asks Dev to do it himself. Dev says you do thiss time. Narvekar catches Ayushi and says I m a police officer, I know everything going on about kidney racket, I want your help, tell me truth, what happened with Udit. Ayushi tells him about Udit. Narvekar says don’t worry, we will catch all of them by your confession. Dev and Narvekar meet Shefali. Dev reminds her that she has come to his cabin with Rajeev. She asks what rubbish. He says you killed nine poor people by kidney stealing. Ayushi says I have told them everything. Shefali tries to run. Dev says no need to call Rajeev, Narvekar would be with him. Narvekar arrests Rajeev. He says I have seen you messaging, you will be shifted to jail now. Shefali scolds Ayushi. Dev asks Ayushi not to worry, this is time to take revenge. Ayushi slaps Shefali and scolds her. She refuses to work with them.

Narvekar arrests Shefali for organ transplant and murder. Dev says no need to say thanks. Reporters ask Narvekar what does he has to say. Narvekar tells about Rajeev and Shefali running illegal organ transplant racket. Ayushi thanks Dev. Dev says no need to get scared of saying truth, its all because of your courage. He asks Meera to make her discharge papers and ask Abdul to meet him at home. Abdul gives the CD to Dev. Dev plays video and sees Mahek. He gets shocked and recalls Mahek’s death.


Dev (Colors) 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev reaches somewhere to know Mahek’s truth.

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