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Dev (Colors) 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and his wife Vandana celebrating festive. Narvekar comes and says Raman is under arrest. Raman says maybe Sonia has done this, I will go, don’t worry. Vandana calls Sonia and scolds her. She says my Raman doesn’t see anyone except me, you are lying, I will send you to jail for this. Sonia gets shaken up. Dev comes to Mahek’s room and sits cleaning the floor. Meera looks on. Vandana comes and asks Dev to save her husband, police took him. Dev says I m not at home. Meera asks her to go, Dev can’t meet her right now. Dev sees Vandana sitting outside the house. Its morning, Zohra tells Vandana that Dev is very worried right now. Vandana sees Dev and asks him to take her case. Dev refuses and goes. Zohra asks Vandana not to leave hope and go after him.

Dev visits inspector’s house and meets her wife. Mrs. Limye tells him that her husband passed away. He says sorry, I wanted to ask something, take care. Abdul gets the car number and gets the details of car owner. He sees Mahek’s pic as Vani Sahya. Vandana follows Dev. Dev sees her car. He calls Narvekar and complains about Vandana, who wants him to take her case. Narvekar says don’t act smart, Raman has molested a girl, its open and shut case, stop interfering in police work.

Dev comes home. Vandana sees Raman and cries. She says I know you are innocent and hugs him. Dev recalls Mahek. Dev asks them to go to lawyer, he is a detective. She says we want you to expose Sonia’s lie. Raman tells his story. He says Sonia joined as the new secretary, she used to come to my cabin by excuse, she did limit one day, she came close, I tried to explain her and asked her to just focus on work, I didn’t know she will do this, when I was in my washroom, Sonia acted and told everyone that I have tried to molest her, I told Vandana about this. Dev says maybe she had to take revenge, how much does Vandana believe her husband. Vandana says Raman’s character can’t be wrong, so I married him. Dev says love is blind and its tough to realize truth, Sonia maybe right, its risky if I take the case. Vandana says I trust Raman. Dev calls Raman lucky. Raman says I will never do anything that risks my love and marriage. Dev recalls Mahek. He takes the case.

Dev interrogates the case. Gopal says I have heard Raman asking Sonia to come and sit on his lap. Dev thinks why will any girl trap a man like this, for money or revenge. Abdul comes and asks about Dev. Meera says he is rude to me. Abdul says he behaves rude with everyone, I will meet him. Abdul shows his findings to Dev. Abdul asks what happened. Dev says just shut up, its Pune address, find out Mumbai address and come back. Abdul goes. Vandana calls Dev. Dev says I think Raman is saying truth. Vandana says thank God, I told you Raman can’t say this. He says I know. Dev goes to Sonia’s house. She asks who are you, how did you come here. He says I m Dev, detective, I m handling Raman’s case, I know everything, I know Raman is saying truth, are you lying for money, what’s the reason. She says Raman wants to prove me wrong, I can’t forget that day, he asked me to sit on his lap, he tried to molest me. He asks was the washroom door open. She says I had to run away and save myself, I don’t remember anything. He goes to her washroom and checks. He finds out depression tablets. He says you mean Raman tried to molest you when people were around, you can go jail for framing Raman, why do you want to ruin his life, he is married and happy, do you want to break his marriage, go and ask Raman what he did with Seema.

Dev asks Raman who is Seema. Raman says she was my employee, there was a news that she committed suicide. Vandana says don’t hear Sonia, police couldn’t find out anything, you are big detective, but you can’t know Raman more better than me. Dev says my work is to catch lie. Raman gives Seema’s address. He says I know you will find truth. Dev comes to Seema’s house and asks neighbors about Seema. The people tell him about the theft in Seema’s house. Narvekar comes there. Dev and Abdul leave. Abdul asks him why did he hide seeing Narvekar. Dev says he bores me, strange thief didn’t steal anyone. Abdul says maybe thief just wanted to find something. Dev follows Sonia and sees her meeting Seema’s husband Atul. Dev says it means Atul is blackmailing Raman and Sonia is with him.

Dev meets Narvekar and tells Seema was Sonia’s sister, Sonia joined Raman’s company to take revenge, she thinks Raman did wrong with Seema. Narvekar says Seema was in depression and we reached to conclusion that she committed suicide. Dev says maybe Sonia and Atul have kept those medicines. Dev asks Raman did he dictate the tagline to Sonia. Raman says yes, and reads out. Dev records it and meets Sonia. She takes medicines. Dev says you can go jail for this, why were you trapping Raman, you kept depression tablets in your sister’s house.

Sonia says I wanted justice for my sister. Dev asks her to say truth. Sonia tells about Seema and Atul’s marriage. She tells how Raman was troubling Seema at office. Seema was helpless to work there to support her house financially. Sonia says Seema decided to leave her job, we were going to meet on the day when she committed suicide, I went to meet Atul to ask if he has any proof against Raman, Atul said he will do something, he gave me money. Dev asks what did Raman do that Seema has committed suicide. Sonia says he would have done wrong, he should get punished. Dev says fine, I will find out the rest of the story. Dev says if Sonia is saying true, it means Raman has molested Seema, Atul paid all his loans after Seema’s death, Raman has given him money, it means Atul has some proof against him, Seema’s phone has some evidence.

Dev messages Raman and calls him somewhere. Raman asks the lady why is she blackmailing him, he has given much to Atul till now. He flirts with her, assuming she is Sonia. He gets shocked seeing Vandana. She cries. She recalls Dev getting Sonia home and telling her about Raman’s crime. Narvekar beats up Atul and asks where is Seema’s phone. They check Raman’s message to Seema. They hear Seema’s voicemail. Sonia cries. Vandana sees Raman and cries. Sonia recalls Seema. Dev thinks if Mahek is alive. Dev reaches Sahay’s house and thinks love makes a person flourish and ruin, even Seema and Vandana’s story was such, they got cheated by love, life did a bad joke with me, I will not let life make another joke with me, Mahek or Vaani has to answer me.


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