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Dev (Colors) 3rd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 3rd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with a girl taking drugs. A man asks her to give money. She gets an attack and dies. The man worriedly hides and sees another man coming to check her. Dev scolds Meera and makes her out of his room. Dev gets depressed. He sleeps. Zohra comes and wakes him up. She tells Dev that someone came to seek his help. She asks him if he is finding Meera. He asks who Meera. She says Meera has gone to drop Avi to school, she has made good breakfast for you. She asks him to come fast. A lady tells Dev about her daughter. Zohra says she is my fav show heroine, I want to meet her. Lady says I didn’t talk to her since 6 years. Mrs. Sharma tells about her daughter Vishaka.

She says Vishaka tried to apologize to her dad, but her dad didn’t melt, she messaged about Rahul. Dev asks her to take police help to find Vishaka. The lady says no, she will scold me if she knows about police, I heard of you and came to take your help. Dev agrees. Zohra says you did this for me right. Dev asks her to make good tea. She asks how will you find that girl. He checks Vishaka’s pics and reaches her apartment. He reaches the flat and gets bad smell. He tries to break the door. Guard asks who are you, this is not allowed, go from here. Dev asks him to leave, check the bad smell. Guard say this is Vishaka’s flat, secretary asked for calling Prakash. Guard gets Prakash. Dev says we will first see the dead body inside. Prakash gets shocked.

They enter the flat. Dev checks Vishaka. He asks Prakash to call crime branch and talk to Narvekar. He see the drugs on the table. He checks her flat well. He finds a badge under the sofa. He checks her room. He gets few pics and checks. He says so she is married. He says till police comes, none will go inside. He asks Prakash how did he know Vishaka. Prakash says society doesn’t allow tv stars, but Vishaka and her husband promised there will be no drama, but they had many fights, her husband has run away with her money, she was successful, then she tried to commit suicide, I think she died by drug overdose. Dev asks did her husband has the flat keys. Prakash says don’t know.

Meera recalls Dev and says I should have not done this. Zohra asks her what is she saying. She says I told you Dev doesn’t like anyone going in her room. Meera says I was just securing my son, don’t take me wrong. Narvekar calls Meera and tells her to warn him against interfering in his work. Narvekar tells about Dev letting him down. Meera says he has helped you and you got promoted too. Narvekar says oh so you are on his side. He ends call.

Constable tells about watchman’s statement. They see CCTV footage. Constable says he is Sultan, drug peddler. Narvekar says find out, we have to solve this case for media and Dev. Dev goes to the casino and meets Sultan. Sultan sees Dev and runs. Dev follows him. Narvekar comes there and points gun at Sultan. He arrests Dev and Sultan. Dev asks what’s this joke. Narvekar says its criminal offense to do anything at crime scene. Dev sees Mrs. Sharma and apologizes. She says I came late. Dev says I will get justice. Narvekar says its police work. Mrs. Sharma says Dev has found her, else don’t know how long would she be there, I need Dev’s help. Narvekar agrees.

Rahul is brought there. Rahul tells them about their marriage. He tells about Vishaka’s bad behavior. Dev starts laughing. He says you should become a writer, instead actor, you made a good story. Narvekar asks is there any comedy here. Dev asks him to notice Rahul well, he also take wine and drugs. Rahul says she used to give me much tension. Dev says you have stolen 10 lakhs from her, I checked her bank statement. Rahul says I needed money, believe me. Narvekar asks when did you do this, before she made you leave house. Dev says she has never made him leave house, he has stolen money and ran away.

Sultan tells Narvekar that he was just scaring Vishaka to get money for drugs, but he got scared seeing her getting the attack, he was running and then someone else came, he got hidden behind the sofa. Narvekar says it means that person did this, how did he look. Dev says he would have come to see if poison did work or not, did you get those drugs tested, leave ego, head injury was not deep to die, she died by drugs, it was Sultan’s bad luck that he was present there. Narvekar says we will clear your doubt. He calls doctor. Dev asks him what is it. Narvekar agrees Dev was right. Meera comes with bail papers. Narvekar says I didn’t arrest him, it doesn’t mean I can’t arrest him ever. Dev looks at her. She says I thought you will save me and I will forget last night’s story.

Dev sees Vishaka’s film scene. He recalls everything about Vishaka. He sees the news and gets to hear Chirag’s interview about Vishaka’s death. He smiles. Zohra says Meera helped you, behave well with her. Dev asks for her. Chiraj romances someone and acts. Dev comes on the set to meet him. Dev interrogates Chirag about Vishaka, she was given poison, tell me fast. Chirag says I have seen her in music launch some months back, then we got close, I promised to get main lead role in my film, she was annoyed that I didn’t answer her calls, she came on sets in drunken state and slapped me. Dev says then you killed her, tell me how. Chirag says I wanted to get rid of her, I took her in her. FB shows Vishaka telling Chirag that she loves him. He asks her to leave him alone and get out of his car. FB ends. Dev says so you left Vishaka alone, you are a villain in real life. Dev comes to Narvekar and asks why did he call Rahul here. Constable says Narvekar is wining this time. Narvekar says no need to lie now, she has sent last message to you and her mum. Rahul tells that he has visited Vishaka, he was scared seeing her and ran away, Narvekar says we will find out.

Dev says you are thinking wrong, Rahul is not a murderer. Narvekar says she committed suicide and wanted to blame Rahul. Dev says why was she drunk if she made this big plan, someone would have seen something, we have to find out. Dev comes to that place and asks people about Vishaka. A lady tells him about someone who got Vishaka with him. Dev goes home and prepares food. Dev gets a call.

Dev calls Narvekar and asks him to come for dinner. Narvekar asks what’s the matter. Dev says moral of the story, you started working well with time, I wanted to say I got to know who is the killer, I need your help to catch him. Narvekar agrees. Dev says now Zohra’s turn. Dev talks to Rahul, Prakash, Chirag and Sultan. He tells about Vishaka’s life, her wrong decisions, much bitterness and anger got in her, she became a danger for those men, I know who killed Vishaka, after fight with Chirag, he dropped her there, then a car came there and picked her, she was given poison and dropped home, Sultan reached there when poison started showing its effect, suspense is who picked her, we have a witness. He calls the old lady.

He asks the woman to say who is that man. The lady points to Prakash. Dev smiles. Prakash asks what joke, you made a blind woman a witness. Dev says she is not blind, she has seen you doing the crime. Prakash asks what nonsense. Dev says you have a chemical shop. Prakash denies it.

Prakash says he is acting, I can prove it. He throws the keys. The lady catches it. He sees Zohra Apa and asks how can this happen. Dev says she is not one who was there that night. Dev calls the real old lady and asks was it she who has seen you. He says I said I have a witness, not that she is blind. The lady tells about Vishaka helping the old lady. The lady hears Prakash dropping Vishaka. Chirag asks Dev about the money he was giving to case solver. Prakash says she was attempting suicide, society wanted to make her leave, I helped her, I saved her, I just wanted love from her. FB shows Prakash forcing Vishaka. She slaps him and scolds. He asks her to leave from the flat. She falls down. He takes advantage of her. Vishaka yells on him in morning and kicks him out of her house. Prakash says when I went to her again, she scolded me and made me leave, I got angry on her for denying me, when she was having an affair with Chirag, I was finding a chance to kill her, I gave her poison in wine and messaged her mum and Rahul, so that blame goes on Rahul. Mrs. Sharma cries. Dev says that girl came to earn name, but these people made her nameless.

Prakash gets arrested. Narvekar looks on. Mrs. Sharma thanks Dev and says if I had courage before, my daughter would have been alive. Dev says its big thing that she earned a name here, she wanted her parents name to be good, you should be proud of her. Mrs. Sharma goes. Narvekar thanks Dev.


Dev (Colors) 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev tells about a girl’s case, Meera helps him in solving the case.

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