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Dev (Colors) 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with a couple getting engaged. The girl gets a message and gets shocked. Nisha shouts on Vipul, while he clarifies. Her dad asks him to stay away. Nisha gives the engagement ring back. Vipul proves to his dad that someone has morphed the pic. Vipul’s dad calls Nisha’s dad Narang and says Vipul was saying right, the pic was morphed, I have proof. Narang says I m really sorry about it. Meera collides with Dev’s friend and helps him. He goes. Zohra asks her not to go in Mahek’s room again. Dev says I m going out for some days and leaves with his friend. Meera gets a phone, which rings despite being broken. Nisha asks Vipul to take help from Dev, she is scared as someone is following her. Vipul doesn’t agree. Nisha says he is very intelligent and solved tricky cases. Vipul says we will go and meet him. He agrees to meet Dev.Meera senses something. Nisha, Vipul and her friend come to meet Dev.

Meera says Dev is not at home, I will tell him about your case, no need of advance. They leave. Meera doubts on that phone for having some connection.

Nisha and Vipul complain about stalking to Narvekar. He asks her did this happen before. She says no, there was one guy, Jatin, he studied with us, he used to click my photos. Vipul caught him red handed and beaten him up, giving a warning. She says then he has never troubled me. Narvekar asks constable to find out about Jatin.

Meera getting unwell. Zohra Apa takes care of her. Narvekar comes to Jatin’s house and sees Nisha’s pics. Jatin runs away. Narvekar follows him. Jatin falls down and gets caught. Narvekar interrogates him. Jatin says I m innocent. Narvekar checks his file and says you are clean in Nisha’s case, but you are caught up in credit card scam, that’s why you have run seeing us. He arrests Jatin. A spirit asks Meera to help her. Meera faints.

Vipul gets a threatening call. Vipul asks the person to come in front and talk. He scolds the person. The person calls Nisha as well and threatens to ruin her life. Nisha asks who are you. Avi comes from school and sees Meera on floor. He asks Zohra to see Meera and cries. Zohra says I will call ambulance. Meera wakes up and says I m fine. She gets freshen up.

Vipul tells Nisha that they will go out for some days. The officer says the blackmailer is not traced. Saurabh says we will give him money and message that person that we want to talk to him. Narvekar monitors their online activity and taps phone calls. Blackmailer calls and asks for 10 lakhs. Saurabh agrees to pay him to get rid. Narvekar hears them dealing and thinks to catch the blackmailer.

Meera gets possessed and acts strange. Nisha, Vipul and Saurabh come to give the money to the stalker. Vipul asks Nisha to stay inside the car. She worries. Saurabh shows the gun and says that stalker will have problem if he doesn’t leave us. The stalker comes to take money. Narvekar tries to catch him. He aims gun at Vipul and Saurabh. Stalker reaches Nisha. She gets shocked and shouts.

Nisha gets tied up. The stalkers take money and leave. Nisha says they have taken the car keys and ran. The stalkers run in police van. One of the masked man turns out to be Dev. Meera is lying unconscious in the backseat. Dev asks what was she doing here. He parks the car and says we will set Meera first. He lifts Meera and takes her to his car. His friend asks what to do now, it didn’t happen as we thought. Dev says we have to solve this. His friend says I just have to follow you. They leave. Narvekar gets angry and scolds Nisha, Vipul and Saurabh for coming with a gun. Saurabh says we just came to scare the blackmailer. Narvekar says your luck is good that I reached here on time. He leaves.

A man takes care of Meera. She gets up. He says Dev got you here, he is helping me. She asks what help, and sees some pictures on wall. He says my daughter is no more, she has committed suicide. Stalker sends a message to Nisha, Vipul and Saurabh. They all get shocked, while sitting in front of Narvekar.

Nisha tells Narvekar that her college friend Stuthi is dead, stalker is messaging from her id. Narvekar asks them to go. Narvekar asks his officer to find about Stuthi’s id. Meera comes to Dev. He asks her who told her about that place. Meera says I was forced to come there, when your friend came to meet you, he dropped his phone. She tells everyone. Dev asks why don’t you say truth. Meera says I m saying truth. Dev says you mean a spirit has possessed you. Meera says my entire family can talk to dead people, my mum told me about the curse on us. Dev says even if I believe you, you can solve all my cases your way. She says you are right on your front, I belief these things, that’s logic for me. Dev says you strictly need a doctor. Meera says I will not force you to agree, I will not try to convince you. He says we should focus on this case. She says I want to help Stuthi and Nisha, Stuthi’s spirit wants to save Nisha, because Nisha’s life is in danger, now its your turn to say, how did you get involve in this case, how do you know about this case. Dev’s friend tells her about meeting Shuthi’s dad. Shuthi was blackmailed and committed suicide by pressure. Dev’s friend tells the matter to Dev and shares all details about Stuthi’s case.

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