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Devanshi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum laughing and saying how will Kalki become my bahu. Devanshi comes and says realized I love Vardaan, I want to marry him, I have an offer for you. She shows property papers. Kusum says you will be my bahu and laughs. Devanshi says Vardaan did not trust Devanshi and made her leave, he can do same with me. Kusum says I don’t believe she is alive, I will do worse with her. Devanshi asks what did you do with her last time. Kusum says I will say. Devanshi messages Pavan to put on speakers. Pavan gets the message.

Kusum tells Devanshi about adding something in the milk, so that Vardaan does not remember anything that happened. Devanshi gets shocked. Kusum says when Devanshi was pregnant, I planted Shikhar’s love letter and tickets to defame Devanshi, Vardaan has insulted Devanshi by refusing to accept his child. All moments are shown. Kusum says I made Ishwar lie that I m Vardaan’s real mum, then Vardaan started loving and believing me. Devanshi gets shocked. Kusum says then I have killed Ishwar. Devanshi hurts her hand in anger.

Kusum says you don’t worry, even this time I will make her run away, I want to see you like my bahu Kalki ji. Devanshi says I ended your game, whatever you have told here would have come out in front of Vardaan and villagers, none can save you now. Kusum faints. Bhajan plays on speaker. Pavan thinks forgive me Kalki, I couldn’t help you, I can’t lose you, I won’t let your truth come out in front of Vardaan, I can’t let you go to Vardaan. Devanshi cries and sees Ishwar’s pic. She says my revenge got completed, I have exposed Kusum’s real face.

Kusum falls down. Pavan comes to her. She smiles and says you did good by telling me Kalki’s truth, you did big favor on me, you have changed Dhatura pickle into tamarind pickle, else I would have got caught by Devanshi, you will get prize. He says I did not tell you to make you happy, I don’t want Kalki to go back to Vardaan, I will never forgive you, I fulfilled your promise, your turn now, you have to tell her that you know Devanshi’s truth and now she has to leave, else Vardaan will bear its punishment, I want Kalki. She says fine, I don’t get back from my promise, I will do what you say. Mohan hits Pavan on his head. Pavan faints. Kusum pities him and says I m more clever than you. Kusum praises Mohan. Mohan gives injection to Pavan.

Devanshi removes her wig and loosens her hair. She says now I don’t need this identity, I can tell everyone who I m, I m coming Kusum to end your story forever. Vardaan thinks I should leave now. Kusum and Mohan bring a new hundi and tell everyone. Kusum says its from my side on Janmashtami. She asks Vardaan to go and get Devanshi. Vardaan goes. He gets some call. Someone asks him to meet him at address he has sent, if Vardaan wants to meet Devanshi, his life is in danger. Vardaan says it means Devanshi is really alive. Pavan is lying unconscious. Mohan says Vardaan is gone. Kusum says we have set Pavan too. Devanshi comes there in her old avatar. Everyone gets shocked seeing her.


Devanshi 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum scolds Devanshi for insulting Maiyya. She says this girl’s Vastra haran will be done in this temple. Mohan pulls Devanshi’s saree.

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