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Devanshi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Vardaan hugging the man. He says its good I came to save you, this girl is a Chudail, she has come back to Jwalapuri after 14 years, she is asking about her sister, did she ask you. The man says yes. Vardaan scares him. The man falls in his feet and asks him to save you. Vardaan asks the man to just run away. The man thanks him and runs. Vardaan laughs. Devanshi asks what’s this nonsense. He says you should thank me for saving your respect. She says by calling me Chudail. He says you think I should have fought, why to use power when mind can be used, come we will find Devanshi, my Jaaneman is standing there. She turns and sees jeep. She asks is this your Jaaneman. He says yes, what did you think. She asks him to come.

Kusum’s brother and Gopi see a girl and think she is Devanshi. They both think to catch Devanshi first. They both meet and ask each other what are they doing. They fight to get Devanshi first. Gopi says this girl will run, we will take her together to Kusum. They catch the girl in a sack and leave. Devanshi and Vardaan argue on the way. She says I thought Jaaneman is one of those girls… He says who is ready to do anything for me. She says yes, they are mad. He asks why are you jealous, do you like me. She says no, you are a foolish, illiterate and ill mannered guy. He argues. She gets down the jeep and says I don’t want to come with you. He says I have to save Devanshi, I don’t have time to find you again and again. She refuses. He says I m going to find my friend, I m worried for her, she is your sister, don’t you have worry for her. She goes with him.

Kusum’s brother and Gopi get the girl to Kusum. They get shocked seeing Golu dressed as a girl. Golu says I wanted to tell them, they did not hear me, they got me here. Nutan asks why did you wear girl’s clothes. Golu says I love acting, I got girl’s role, someone has stolen my bag and I had to come here in these clothes. Kusum’s brother says I had doubt that this is not Devanshi, but Gopi was not listening. They both argue. Kusum shouts enough, girl went because of your foolishness, Vardaan and Sakshi will reach her.

Vardaan stops the jeep and says which way to go now. Devanshi says right way. He says I think we should go left. They argue. She says a girl’s instinct is never wrong. He says fine, we will follow it and see. He drives the right way and gets his jeep stuck in mud. He asks Devanshi to push the jeep now. He is about to slip in mud. She holds him. Piya….plays………….

She recalls the childhood moment and gets scared She holds his hand. He asks what happened. She says you saved Devanshi when she was sinking in the quicksand, you did not think for your life and jumped in the quicksand. He asks how do you know this so well. She says Devanshi told me everything, come we will push the jeep. Sakshi is inside a drum. The man loads the truck and shuts the truck.

Vardaan stops jeep and asks Devanshi to sit, I will come. She says I will also come. He says shall I manage myself or look after you, its dark. She insists and says you don’t know my sister more than me. They go inside the jungle. He asks her why do they call each other as Badki Chutki. She says we could not come out of the trauma happened 14 years back, while managing her, I did not know when I became elder to her. She falls down. She sits in pain. He says I knew this will happen, you will call any problem, hold this torch. He lifts her. They have an eyelock. He walks ahead.

He says I will make you sit in jeep and go to find Devanshi. She asks him to leave her. He drops her down. She gets hurt. He asks what’s my mistake, you asked me to leave you, come. She could not stand. He holds her foot and diverts her mind. He says don’t say anything now, look in my eyes, person does not lie while meeting eyes, person gets courage to say truth, you are with me in jungle, you got hurt, our eyelock and closeness, it can’t be a coincidence, I m going to tell you my feelings, I did not know this before, when someone else’s pain makes us cry, think its love, I love you Sakshi. She looks at him. Piya re…..plays………


Devanshi 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Devanshi drinks bhaang. She goes to Vardaan. She says you know I m not Sakshi, I m Devanshi. He gets shocked.

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