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Devanshi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan asking Kusum how did she agree to work. She asks him to go and rest. She also rests and says I wish none comes now. Nutan comes and wakes her up. Kusum scolds her. She goes. Nutan says I thought its some servant, Kusum’s bad days have come. Kusum cleans the flour fallen on floor. Mohan too helps her. Kusum gets tired. Its night, Ishwar says we thought to get shoes made for you all. Gopi, Shikhar and Golu give the foot impressions. The man takes their foot measurements. Ishwar asks the man to wait outside.

Ishwar asks Devanshi to check the foot impressions. They find the match. He says its him. She says wait, we won’t punish him. He asks why, we have proof. She says he is Mohan’s puppet, we know he is clever, we still have an hour time, much can happen, I will bring him out in front of everyone that he won’t get time to understand. He asks what about Kusum.

Kusum goes to rest and gets hurt. She moves the sheet and sees the nail bed. Devanshi comes there. Kusum goes to slap her. Devanshi stops her and asks her not to try this. Kusum asks what’s this way to behave with Saas. Ishwar asks how did you become Saas, if you could, you would stop our breath, you killed Vardaan’s mum and also tried to kill Vardaan, how can you become his mum now. Devanshi says this was kept to make you realize the pain, come to darbar and accept your crimes, else I will declare that you will sleep on nail bed according to Maiyya’s command. Devanshi and Ishwar leave.

The lady says truth did not come out, you are doing this to save Vardaan. Gopi defends Devanshi. Devanshi says still 30mins are left, I will do what I said. Nutan asks lady to wait, Devanshi will bring culprit out. Devanshi says I will not bring culprit out, Maiyya will bring him out, the culprit will have itching at night and shout, he will accept the crime, if anyone can save him now, then its just Maiyya, he will apologize to Maiyya. Everyone leave. Ishwar says it means just Maiyya can save that person. Devanshi says no, there is a way, if he applies the temple soil, he can get saved, but culprit should not know this. Vardaan asks can this happen. She asks him to just trust her. Someone hears her.

Someone goes out to get soil. Everyone comes there and catches the person. Devanshi reveals and sees Golu. Devanshi says I got to know about you, but wanted to catch you red handed. Vardaan asks why did you do this with me, you are my younger brother. Devanshi asks on whose saying did you do this, the crime is out now, you can say truth and make crime less, tell me who said you to do this. Golu says its Mohan. They all get shocked.

Golu says Mohan bribed me to drive Vardaan’s car, I never got that car to drive till now, so I agreed to Mohan. Golu does the accident and makes Vardaan sit in front seat. Golu says I have run away from there. Mohan asks are you mad, why will I make you do this, I did mistakes before so I had to leave village, it does not mean you blame me always. Devanshi says Golu has no reason to trap you. Mohan says then I have no reason to blame Ishwar. Ishwar asks are you mad. Mohan says I m also feeling bad by wrong blame. Nutan says you forced Golu to do this. Mohan asks Golu to prove it. The lady says what will happen of my daughter. Nutan asks Golu to see what happened. Devanshi shouts Nutan and says I have to justice.


Devanshi 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi does justice, and asks Golu to marry that girl. Nutan gets shocked. Kusum tricks Devanshi.

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