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Devanshi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I will say how Kusum does not remember all this, get him. The tantric is brought there. Gopi asks did you do all this, why. Devanshi says its Maiyya’s blessing, that she made me reach this tantric, he has done this with me yesterday and did this today with Kusum. Kusum signs Kattadhari. Vardaan holds tantric and asks why did you do this. Kattadhari asks who told you to do this. Tantric says I don’t know. Vardaan beats him. Tantric says I did this, but on someone’s saying. Vardaan asks on whose saying. Kusum worries.

Tantric says I will say and points to Kattadhari. He names Kattadhari. They all get shocked. Tantric accepts everything and says I hypnotized Devanshi and Kusum on Kattadhari’s name. Devanshi thinks its good I asked him to take Kattadhari’s name, none would have believed if I told him to take Kusum’s name. Kusum thinks Devanshi is much sharp. Kattadhari scolds tantric for taking his name. Devanshi says everyone got to know you did this to defame me and Kusum, did you think you will sit on temple throne.

Kattadhari says he is lying. She says why will he lie. She asks Vardaan to let tantric go, he did this for money, Kattadhari is in front of us. Tantric goes. Devanshi says Kattadhari should be punished. He says tantric is lying. Vardaan says I told you, if you point finger at Devanshi, I will throw you out of village, you can leave from this village. The people beat Kattadhari. Devanshi goes to Kusum. Nutan says he should be beaten with slippers, he tried to defame women. He gets more beaten up.

Devanshi says he won’t take your name, he is loyal to money. Kattadhari sees Kusum. Devanshi says he knows you will manage his expenses after he is thrown out of village, I did not do much, I just made your plan fail, it was good to see your item song in these clothes. Kusum gets angry.

Its night, Nutan says Kusum has lost her respect, she danced like this. Gopi asks her to stop it, if Kusum hears this, she will kick us out of village. Nutan says its time to get benefit, Kattadhari is gone, now Kusum is alone, she needs someone’s support, you will become his right hand, once you win her trust, then see, how I change the house rule. He laughs and says this time, you are wrong, the situation is such, I think we should be with Devanshi, she has won all villagers heart, when she came in temple for the first time, I understood she did not fall in hundi, but in Kusum’s kundli.

Devanshi goes to Vardaan and asks what happened. He says I did not like Kattadhari, I used to get angry seeing him, Kusum always believed him, see result, she made her own drama, Mohan and Kattadhari pushed Kusum in darkness. He goes. Devanshi thinks no, Kusum fell in her own greed, the day you know her truth, what will you go through.

Kusum gets ready and applies sindoor. Ishwar comes to her. She asks why did you come here. He says this was my room too when I was fine, you have thrown me in other room by making me handicapped, with your lover Mohan. She takes vase to hit him. He holds her hand and says you have got alone now. She says I have my devotees army with me. He asks really and taunts her. He says all devotees went to Devanshi’s side, now villagers go to doctors with their ill kids, you also change now, this is my advice, you can think its a warning for you, let Vardaan and Devanshi live life happily, don’t come between them. He goes. She gets angry.

She says just one small victory of Devanshi, Ishwar is thinking he won Lanka, I will show the wind direction to you Ishwar, whom the villagers believe, me or Devanshi. Ishwar and Devanshi talk. He says you did good, you made Kattadhari out of this game and made Kusum’s strength less. She smiles. Kusum smiles. He taunts Kusum about Raavan’s end. He goes. Kusum scolds Devanshi. She says none can stand equal to me. A lady comes and greets Kusum.

She says my daughter Pallavi’s baraat is going to come tomorrow, if your auspicious steps fall in her life, her life will have happiness. She keeps invitation in her feet and gives it to her. She asks Devanshi to come as well, bless Pallavi, her life’s problems will get away. She keeps card in Devanshi’s feet too. Devanshi stops her and says your hands should be on my head, not feet. The lady says you raised much in my eyes, your status is bigger like Kusum for me, you are Devi’s ansh, you have to come in my daughter’s marriage. Devanshi hugs her and says I also want to congratulate Pallavi, Maiyya will bless her, just she has this right, no one else. The lady goes. Devanshi sees Kusum.


Devanshi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The lady says baraat will return now. Kusum helps the lady. The lady praises Kusum. Devanshi says we will take help of a magician.