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Devanshi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan and Gopi getting glad and praising Kalki. Nutan says Kalki gave me keys and made me queen, I m thinking to make her this house’s bahu, if Kalki becomes our bahu, it will be good. He says she is very rich, Golu married Menka, what did she do, Kalki is more dangerous. Nutan says no, I will not Kalki marry Golu, she won’t become our bahu. Its night, Devanshi asks manager to find out about that man, what was his intentions. Nutan says a parcel came for you, check it.

Devanshi gets the puzzle. Nutan joins it. Devanshi thinks its the same man. Nutan says its your pic, its beautiful, something is written, you are the most beautiful woman. Kusum says its Vardaan’s gift, who else can do this. Menka gets angry. Kusum says Vardaan has sent this gift. Devanshi says how romantic,its an unique way to express love, I just loved it.

Menka says Vardaan did not send this. Kusum asks her to go to his room and see, he likes puzzles, maybe he started liking Kalki. Devanshi says its a beautiful gift, I feel I m getting mad in his love. Menka says he has never sent such gifts for me. Devanshi taunts her. Kusum thinks I hope Vardaan does not tell her anything, did that stranger sent this gift to her, does he want to marry Kalki, I have to get Vardaan and Kalki close, Vardaan has to win her heart. Someone hears Devanshi’s voice again and again.

Kusum gets shocked seeing the junk and calls servants. Nutan says stop shouting, servants have gone on holiday, Kalki has given two days holiday. Kusum asks how will I stay in this room. Nutan says clean this room, its not like before that I help you, Kalki gave me big responsibility and made me house owner, you do the work. She goes. Kusum gets angry and says Nutan changed. She cleans the floor. Vardaan comes and asks what’s all this junk, Kalki did this, I got to know what she did with you, I will not leave her. He takes a stick. She says you won’t do anything. He locks her in room and goes to Devanshi.

Devanshi sees him with the stick and asks him to hit her. He says I don’t want to hit you, you can’t rule more here. She says you can’t beat me, you can break things in this house, go ahead, this house is my property, but things are your property. He throws sticks and says I did not see such a shameless woman till now. She asks are you dine. He holds her, while she leaves. Her dress gets torn. He gets shocked and apologizes. He covers her with his jacket. Piya re…..plays….

Devanshi sees Menka and holds his hand. She goes to room and throws the jacket. She cries and recalls his words. She burns jacket and says I m burning like this, to get revenge for my child’s death.

Its morning, everyone get surprises seeing the decorations. Kusum has done arrangements to surprise Kalki on her birthday. She thinks to show that Vardaa did all arrangements. Devanshi thinks I know you did this and why, see how I use this. Kusum, Mohan and Vardaan wish her happy birthday. Vardaan says I had to talk. Devanshi says you would be apologizing for bad behavior. Kusum says yes, he realized his mistake. She makes them shake hands and says he wants to get friendly with you. Devanshi bursts balloon on his face and smiles. She acts sweet to him. Menka gets angry. Devanshi cleans his face and asks him to come to her room to talk. Kusum smiles. Menka makes Devanshi away and cleans Vardaan’s face. He goes. Devanshi thinks Vardaan does not want to get friendly, Kusum is trying to get money.


Devanshi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum says Kalki is not so bad. Devanshi asks do you all expect me to give you money. Vardaan warns her to change. A man holds her pic and says I m coming Kalki.