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Devanshi 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying Maiyya will never forgive you for this, you want to take innocent child’s life. Gopi stops them and says I know she has done big sin, but we will punish her by making her out of the village. Nutan says we will punish her, burn her. Gopi says no, I will not let anyone do this, Devanshi is pregnant, you can’t do this sin to kill her child, I don’t want you all to do this sin. Kusum asks them to kill Devanshi and fulfill Maiyya’s order. Lady says enough, don’t fool us now, Devanshi also fooled us, we will not hear anyone now, just Maiyya will be worshipped here, not Kusum or Devanshi. Everyone say the same.

Mohan asks them to calm down, they are right, there won’t be any Mata, but we will punish her. The people get angry. They hold Gopi. Nutan goes to Devanshi. Devanshi asks her not to come close. Nutan lights the matchstick. Gopi says leave her Nutan. Wind blows. Matchstick blows off. Devanshi says Maiyya is with me to protect this child, I did a lot for you all, you are doubting on me and want to kill my child, I pity your thinking, truth is you all want a Mata like Kusum, you hate my child right, but remember you have hurt a mum’s heart, this village will catch my curse, you all have to pay a price for killing this innocent child’s life.

Ishwar and Vardaan come there. Devanshi says about me, I will handover myself to my Maiyya, she will do justice for me and my baby. Mohan asks everyone what are they hearing lecture, catch her. Devanshi moves back and falls in the river. Vardaan and Ishwar shout Devanshi. Vardaan runs to save her. They all get shocked. Menka stops Vardaan and asks him to come to senses, she deserved this, it was good that she died. Ishwar, Gopi and Vardaan cry.

Vardaan says whatever Devanshi did, I loved her. Mohan says now Devanshi will not come back, even her body can’t be found. Vardaan says Devanshi can’t die. Inspector says our team searched the river, but we did not get body, I don’t think she can survive. Vardaan scolds him.

He says nothing can happen to my Devanshi, sorry. Inspector asks him to take care and goes. Menka gets Devanshi’s mobile and gives to Vardaan. He reads Shikhar’s message, asking Devanshi where is she. Menka says whatever happened with you, you should forget it, truth is Devanshi never loved you, she loved that Shikhar, so she was raising his child in her womb, I agree wrong happened with her, but maybe this was her fate. He throws the phone and goes. Menka calls Mohan and says I did as you said.

Mohan says Menka got Devanshi’s mobile, I had sent a message from Shikhar’s side, Menka showed this to Vardaan, poor Vardaan, his love for Devanshi will end, we played big game. Kusum says no, it did not happen which we thought, if villagers don’t believe any Mata, what powers will we have, I want the throne, I have to do something, we have to kill Ishwar. He asks her not to worry, it will be done. She asks what do you mean.

They go to Ishwar and joke. Ishwar scolds them. He cries. Kusum and Mohan fool him. Mohan says we will show something shocking. He shows the video of Devanshi. Ishwar smiles. Mohan says she is alive. Ishwar asks where is Devanshi. Kusum says you will find her and then she will trouble me, why shall I tell you, go and find her. Ishwar says no, I will not get her here, I will go away, tell me once where is she. Mohan says he is requesting a lot. Kusum says yes, I m getting pity on him. Ishwar asks where is Devanshi, tell me. Kusum says Ishwar should do something for us. Ishwar agrees and begs them. Kusum says fine if you insist, but you have to lie to Vardaan. Ishwar asks what lie. She smiles.


Devanshi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishwar says save Devanshi and her child. Kusum says she is with Maiyya. Ishwar says I will tell truth to Vardaan. He holds Kusum’s neck. Devanshi, lying on some rocks, gets conscious.