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Devanshi 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Vardaan twisting Devanshi’s foot. He asks how did you like my technique, I changed your focus and made your foot fine. She gets shocked. He goes ahead. Its morning, some men put the grains drums down. Sakshi looks out of the drum. Police stops Vardaan and Devanshi. Inspector says I called Bunty and Babli of this area. Vardaan asks who. The man asks did you not do that movie, the couple who cheats people. He asks them who are they going to cheat. Devanshi says you are mistaken. Inspector asks them to come to police station and say. Vardaan asks him to move off his way. Inspector handcuffs them. Devanshi says you are mistaken, my sister is missing, we are finding her, we are not thieves. Inspector says every thief says the same. Vardaan says you will regret for this.

Inspector says I will not give you chance to repent if you do this, come. Vardaan sees the keys with inspector. Devanshi worries. Sakshi thinks I should be hidden, hide and seek is still going on, else I will lose. Nutan comes there and meets Kanta. She asks Kanta’s help.

She tells about Sakshi and says I m afraid she is here. Inspector asks Vardaan and Devanshi not to act smart. Vardaan apologizes and praises inspector. He lies that they are eloped lovers, as their family is against their love. Inspector asks is this true. Vardaan asks Devanshi to say. Devanshi says yes. She pinches her hand and lies. She says Vardaan is right, else why would we run from hope. Vardaan asks him to see in his eyes, you will see love for this girl, you will see promises in my heart. Inspector smiles and says tell me, how did you two meet.

Vardaan and Devanshi say different answers and then make a story. Vardaan cooks up a good love story and convinces inspector. Devanshi looks at Vardaan. Inspector sees them and imagines them as newly weds. He says you know the right meaning of love, you left family, sorrow, happiness, you both are good examples, I promise I m with you and will get you married. He hugs Vardaan. Vardaan takes the keys from him. Inspector says I will call my force and get you two married, wait. He goes to call. Devanshi asks Vardaan is he mad. Vardaan shows the keys.

Kanta says don’t worry, I will not let Sakshi go across border. Nutan leaves. The men take drum. Sakshi falls outside. They get shocked seeing her. Inspector says your work is over, and turns to see. He sees cows in Vardaan and Devanshi’s place.

Vardaan and Devanshi run away. He says we got saved. She says we don’t know where is Sakshi, you think this is some joke. He says you think I m doing this for fun, I did this for running, look in my eyes, you know what’s Devanshi for me, I m dying to find her, stay here, I will arrange jeep, its border area, stand here. He goes. She says just police can find Sakshi now. She uses Kaka’s phone. She says it got fine, thanks Maiyya. She gets a call and answers. Sakshi asks Kanta’s men to leave her. Kanta says Nutan is finding this girl, maybe Kusum gives some prize. Devanshi comes there and shouts seeing Sakshi. She hugs Devanshi.

Sakshi says I was in drum, don’t know how I came here, where did you go. Devanshi says you went, don’t do this again. The man comes and asks Devanshi how did you get my dad’s phone. She says so you are Kaka’s phone, he waits for your call. The man asks what is your mad sister doing here. Devanshi says my sister is not mad, we are Kaka’s neighbors, she reached here while playing. The man says my dad has sent you here to frame us. Kanta says I will tell Nutan about this mad girl.

Devanshi asks what are you saying for your dad, he gave you birth, Kaka is dying to hear your voice, he holds this phone always, hoping that it will ring, he can die to see you, his phone was damaged, so he gave it to me, he does not know he is living in misunderstanding, the son he loves does not deserve his love, you should be ashamed. The man asks who are you to say this nonsense. Devanshi says the one who lost parents in childhood, I felt I m unfortunate, but today I feel you are more unfortunate than me, who stay some kms far from your dad and killed him when he is alive. She asks him to call to his dad once. Kanta scolds Devanshi.

The man calls Kaka and talks to him. Kaka asks did you get the rice. The man says yes, I called and the girl answered, she repaired the phone and I got to know your phone was not working. Kaka and the man cry. The man says I will call later and ends call. Devanshi smiles.

Devanshi 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : During holi celebrations, Devanshi tells Vardaan that she is not Sakshi, she is Sakshi. He gets shocked.

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