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Devanshi 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with doctor saying Kalki is Kusum’s daughter. Kusum asks everyone do they have any doubt now. The lady says no, we have no doubt that Kalki is your daughter, Kalki will sit on throne and become Mata. They cheer Kalki’s name. Kalki asks them to chant Kusum Sundari’s name as well. Everyone chant Kusum’s name. Kusum gets glad. Devanshi looks on and worries. Maya thinks this is Devanshi’s failure, and Kukarmi devi’s win. She asks Devanshi to chant Kukarmi Devi’s name. Kusum and Kalki smile.

Devanshi talks to Ishwar’s pic and cries. She says I feel lost today. Gopi comes to her. She says I feel I have lost everything. He says no, how can you lose courage so soon, you have power to fight, remember this, you didn’t lose courage when you lost your child, you fought with Kusum and always won, you showed her true face, you are still fighting with her, I m sure you will win, Kusum is using Kalki, you will save her. He asks her not to lose, Ishwar knew your powers, don’t let him down, good and evil fight always happen, good will eventually win, remember this is not the end, its beginning of a fight. Kusum asks Nutan to massage her legs and get tea. Nutan argues with her.

Kusum gets angry and twists her hand. Nutan says I m not scared of you, do anything. Kusum holds her neck to kill her. Kalki comes there and asks Kusum what is she doing. Kusum angrily pushes her away. Kalki falls down. Kalki says sorry, I made you angry, I will never do this again. She scolds Nutan and asks her to leave.

Maya feeds sweets to Kalki. Kalki says I m very happy, I got my mum back, you are so good and care for me. Maya thinks just have these sweets, Devanshi will not know how I trapped you in love, you love Kusum and became her puppet. Nutan comes and says I got the gold, even Gopi’s gold. Maya thinks Nutan has greed, everyone will be trapped in my six sins web, then maiyya will lose, Kukarmi Devi will win. She asks Nutan to go and get more gold by anything, then see hoe your fate changes. Maya asks Kalki to go to her mum and learn being Mata. Gopi says Kalki has seen Kusum getting angry on Nutan, even then she is loving Kusum. Devanshi says she is blind in Kusum’s love. He says this may have happened. She says yes, she is trapped by love.

Kusum makes Kalki ready as Mata and tells her that she has to sit on Maiyya throne and bless everyone. She teaches Kalki. Devanshi says Kalki started hating me, how will we get her out of this love trap, how to save her. Gopi says we don’t have Ishwar’s book. She says its tough for us, but not impossible, we will save Kalki. Kalki smiles seeing herself. Devanshi comes and stops Kusum from making Kalki Mata. She gets kalki downstairs and tells Kalki that this is her new tuition teacher which will teach her studies. Kusum argues.

Devanshi says what will people say if you don’t educate Kalki, studies and play are imp for Kalki. Gopi says Devanshi is right, we also have some duty towards her, I will admit Kalki in big school. Kalki says I want to study in school. Devanshi asks her to clear the interview first. Kalki asks teacher to teach her. Kalki says I don’t have books. Devanshi says I have got everything. Kalki sits to study. Devanshi thinks she won’t let Kusum spoil Kalki’s future.


Devanshi 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi asks Maya where is Pavan. Maya threatens her about Pavan and Kalki. Devanshi challenges that Pavan will be in the house in next 24 hours.

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