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Devanshi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan where did he get her. Vardaan opens the blindfold. She asks whose house is this. He asks her to see. She sees her parents’ pic and takes the frame. He says this is your house, where you were born, I cleaned this, I did this to surprise you. She smiles and hugs the photo. She sees her cradle. She says this would be my cradle, my parents would have made me sleep here, see these toys. She goes and hugs him. Piya…..plays……….She thanks him and says I m very happy, you got all my old memories back, don’t know how to thank you. He says I did this for myself, I m getting happiness seeing your happiness. They smile.

The man tells his problem to Kusum. She acts to do magic and prays to Maiyya. She gives vibhuti to the man and asks him to apply tilak every morning. Everyone chant Kusum’s name. Ishwar looks on and thinks even I should get some magician, so that Devanshi and I can expose her. Vardaan says we will buy marriage dress while going on. Devanshi gets Mata chunri, and says there are many chunris given to Devanshi, shall we recycle all chunris and get marriage dress, I can respect Maiyya this way and get blessings, I can donate money to people. He says I liked your words and thoughts, come, your bridal dress will be made by Maiyya’s chunri.

Kusum asks Kattadhari not to worry for money, but don’t tell my secret. Kusum asks servant to send money to Kattadhari, if you think he is going against me, kill him. She asks did you do my work. He says yes, it will show result. Kusum thinks see how I make Devanshi come to senses.

A magician Shikhar shows magic at the cafe. He says I do this magic to open your eyes, just give money if you like my show. Vardaan says one more person came to do this. Devanshi stops him. Shikhar shows magic. Everyone smile. He says I snatch sorrow and pain, my name is Shikhar.

Lady asks Ishwar to help them, baraati came in high number, just call Kusum, she can sole this. Ishwar thinks Kusum will answer everything will get fine, she will fool them. The lady asks Devanshi to help her, baraatis will go back. Devanshi says don’t worry. The lady says baraat has come on door, just ask Mata to do any miracle. Kusum comes and acts. She says Maiyya is inside me, she is talking to me, go home and don’t worry. The lady thanks Kusum and goes.

Kusum acts to faint after her drama. Gopi and everyone rush to her. Kusum gets in her room. She asks servant to shut door while going. She says what will Devanshi face me now when she could not face small problem. She laughs and says I gave the food order, everyone will think its my miracle. The lady praises Kusum for keeping their respect. Devanshi and Ishwar look on. She asks Devanshi to apologize to Kusum from her side, there can’t be anyone bigger than Kusum. She goes. Devanshi thinks its not easy as I was thinking. Ishwar says its Kusum’s plan, we know everything and we can’t fight with her. Devanshi says yes, if we have to fight, we should have a sword, its fine if we can’t do anything, we can hire someone, we will call Shikhar here.

Devanshi 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kusum asks Maiyya to shower coins on her. Coins fall on Devanshi. Everyone chant Devanshi’s name.

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