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Devanshi 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 12th February 2017 video watch Online on

The Episode starts with Kusum lying to Gopi and crying, telling him about her dream in which she has seen the culprit in temple. Gopi says your dream can’t be wrong, tonight I will guard the temple and surely sacrifice the thief to Maiyya. He goes. Kusum smiles. Devanshi sees the guards. She hides and enters the temple. She sees the potli near the idol and smiles. She wishes to get some clue. She checks and gets the jewelry. Gopi comes there and asks the men to be ready, today we will sacrifice a thief for Maiyya. Kusum and Sarla hide and look on.

Devanshi says this is Maiyya’s jewelry. Kusum says we will leave her ashes in water before Maha ashtami, come. Kusum and Sarla leave. Devanshi says Mohan is sinner to steal Maiyya’s jewelry, I did not get any clue against that woman, Maiyya looks incomplete without this jewelry, forgive them. Gopi says thief’s death is certain today, I want guards at every corner. Devanshi makes Maiyya idol wear the jewelry. Gopi asks the men to be ready and enters the temple.

Kusum asks why is Gopi not calling to give me good news. Sarla says why are you taking tension, I have thrown that potli there, Gopi will catch Devanshi red handed and beaten her, wait it will take time, see I fulfilled my promise, now its your turn to free Omi from jail. Gopi asks the men to check temple well. Gopi sees Maiyya’s idol and smiles. He calls Kusum. Kusum asks did you get anyone. Kusum says there is no one here. She asks is Maiyya’s jewelry safe. He says yes, no need to take tension. I m leaving few servants here for safety. She gets shocked. He ends call. Gopi says Maiyya’s jewelry is safe and smiles.

Kusum asks Sarla what happened, why did Gopi not get Devanshi. Sarla says I have seen Devanshi going to temple. Kusum says where did she go. Devanshi cries and thinks I did not get any clue, how to prove Geeta is innocent. She comes home and a locket falls down from the potli. Devanshi thinks I made Maiyya wear all jewelry, how did this locket get left. She opens the locket and sees a pic inside. Sarla takes the locket and throws away. She says you spoiled my plan to find that woman. She gets annoyed. Devanshi sees the locket.

Ashutosh says Rajjo, I did all arrangements, we will leave from here. Rajjo says we are safe here. He says we can’t hide for long, we have to take fresh breath outside and live freely, don’t think much, I will get keys. Ashutosh and Rajjo leave. Geeta gets up and goes to knock door. She asks for help. The door opens. Geeta says it opened, thanks Maiyya.

Devanshi looks for locket. Vardaan comes there and asks what are you doing here. She says I m finding locket. He asks which locket. She takes his torch and looks for locket. She finds the locket and shows him. Geeta comes out of the secret passage. Geeta sees Sarla and Omi’s pic and says its Devanshi’s house, it means Sarla got me here, I should leave. Ashutosh and Rajjo are leaving. Geeta falls down and screams. They hear sound and turn to see.

Vardaan tells Devanshi that its him with Ishwar. Devanshi says something is written on wall in this pic, I can’t read, you read and say. Vardaan says I can’t read it. She asks him to do something. He gets magnifying glass. They read Ishwar’s message. Ishwar writes someone is planning to kill me on pretext of treatment here, and the person behind this is KS. They get shocked and puzzled. Devanshi says it was written on hospital wall also. He says no, this can’t happen, I will check again, this can’t happen.

He reads again and says KS means Kusum Sundari. He gets angry and cries. Devanshi gets shocked. She says no, it can’t be Kusum, she loves Ishwar, how can anyone do this with family. Vardaan shouts see this, read it well. Vardaan says it means my mum has put my dad in this state, its Kusum Sundari who has done all these crimes, along Mohan. He throws the things in his room. Devanshi asks him to stop. He says I have to get her truth out, truth has come out. She asks him to stop. He says I can’t. He locks her in his room and goes. She knocks door and worries.

She cries and says Maiyya, this can’t be true. Vardaan comes to Kusum’s room. Kusum sees him getting a bat. She asks what’s the matter. He asks why did you do this. She asks what did I do. He cries and shouts did you not do anything, you know everything. He ruins her room furniture. She tries to stop him. He raises bat on her. She gets scared.

She asks what happened, tell me. He says you made Papa helpless, why. She gets shocked. She asks what are you saying, how can you think this. He says I did not think, Papa has written this on mental hospital wall, it got printed in the locket pic, Devanshi got this locket. She thinks this truth was in that locket which I had for years. He asks will you say truth, or shall I say. She asks was my name written on it, how do you know Ishwar wrote that, maybe Mohan and Geeta planned it to trap me. He says no, Papa has written that. She asks him to think well, everyone knows Mohan has done that, maybe he wrote that and clicked photo. He says no.

Devanshi will end Kusum’s rule. Kusum gets shocked when villagers come to beat her.

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