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Devanshi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan crying and saying I feel I did wrong to doubt on Devanshi, then something happens that makes me think wrong, the bad thing is she has left us, don’t know who is right and who is wrong. Ishwar says you are right, Devanshi cheated you, she has illegitimate relation with Shikhar. Vardaan asks are you saying this, you trusted her.

Ishwar says I was forced by Devanshi to cover her mistake, she married you to hide all this, Kusum is your real mum, she gave you birth, your real mum’s story is false, Devanshi threatened me about your life, so I became her puppet. Vardaan cries and says no, this can’t be truth, Devanshi can’t do this. Ishwar says its fate, Kusum is your real mum, it was Devanshi’s plan. Vardaan asks why did you not tell this to me before. Ishwar says I blindly believed her, she knew I hate Kusum, so she has took advantage. Vardaan says how can Devanshi do this, she made me helpless to hate my mum, just for the throne, she used my love. Ishwar thinks sorry, I had said all this to save Devanshi’s life.

Ishwar goes to Kusum and asks her to save Devanshi and her child, where is she, I will not tell anyone she is alive. Kusum says I wanted to see you begging, I know where is your Devanshi, do you want to know. He says yes. She shows Maiyya and says there, Devanshi and her child have gone there. She laughs.

Ishwar says it means you lied to me, I will tell your truth to Vardaan. Kusum and Mohan stop Ishwar. He gets heart attack. He prays and wishes Devanshi gets that paper. Kusum asks him to go to Devanshi and forgive them. Ishwar says I trust Maiyya, my Devanshi is alive, nothing happened to her. He dies. Kusum and Mohan look on. Devanshi, lying on some rocks, gets conscious. Kusum cries for Ishwar. Vardaan comes and gets shocked seeing Ishwar’s dead body. Kusum acts.

Gopi says I went to meet Ishwar, his breath was dropping, I tried best to revive him. Doctor says Ishwar got massive heart attack. Mohan says I met him after he came from temple, he looked worried, I tried asking him, he said same thing, he does not want to live. They all cry. Kusum asks them to come in mourning ceremony. Nutan says see Vardaan, Devanshi went and took Ishwar along. Vardaan hugs Ishwar. Devanshi reaches hospital. She asks doctor to save her child. She faints. Doctor attends her. Kusum and everyone cry.

Kusum asks everyone to take Maiyya’s blessings. Kusum says you did not give chadava in hundi, its wrong. Lady argues with Kusum and asks her not to teach her anything, money won’t be used by Maiyya, don’t fool us more. Mohan says if this goes on, we will come on road Kusum, think about this, what to do. Kusum thinks Devanshi died and did this, how to control them. Kusum asks Mohan to think how to get money. Menka says think that later, think about me first, how to keep me at home and make me enter Vardaan’s life.

Kusum asks what nonsense. Menka says I m explaining you, I know your every secret, I won’t take a second to bring your truth out, villagers will not leave you if I say truth. Devanshi asks doctor about her child. She asks doctor to say. Doctor says sorry, we could not save your child. Devanshi shouts no and cries.


Devanshi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : After 10 months, Devanshi will be coming back to take revenge.