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Devanshi 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi seeing Golu scolding a servant. She sends the servant. Golu scolds Devanshi. She says I did what I felt right by sitting on throne, I came here as your Bhabhi, not Mata, you could have told me if you needed money, you should have told Vardaan and Ishwar, you did wrong, now that girl’s responsibility is yours. Golu says to hell with it. Vardaan shouts Golu. Golu says its better I go jail than marrying that girl. Golu goes. Vardaan says Nutan’s drama is still there. Shikhar says I m against Devanshi’s decision, how can she force someone for marriage. She says I don’t regret my decision. Shikhar asks Vardaan what’s his opinion. She says Vardaan told me he is with me and trusts my decision.

Vardaan says I did not think well that time, after hearing Shikhar, I also feel you did mistake in doing justice. She says but you told me last night, how can you both do this, I felt you both will support me. She cries. Vardaan stops her and laughs, saying we were just joking. Shikhar says Devanshi can become Mata, but she is still innocent, she cried by little joke. She asks were you joking. Vardaan says yes, I m with you. Shikhar says I m with you too, you are wrong in one place, one handsome guy is here, you leave me, what’s in Vardaan. She says you have no work and passing time, see I will make you two work in marriage. She goes.

Kusum asks what did this happen with you Nutan, I pity you, you were impressing Devanshi, see what she did, I would have not let anyone point finger on Golu if I was on throne. Nutan cries and says yes, I knew Devanshi can’t be ours, what will happen of my Golu now. Kusum says I understand your pain, every mum wants to get desired bahu for son, our fate is bad, I could not save Vardaan’s life, but Golu still has time, pheras did not happen till now. Devanshi prays that Nutan happily agrees to her decision. Nutan hears her and says decision made against will does not have happiness, you think anything, but you can’t change my mind. Devanshi asks her to meet girl once, she will be good, I trust Maiyya, she won’t let me make wrong decision.

Nutan says no, you are afraid and want to prove your decision right. Devanshi says I have no fear and regret. Kaki comes. Nutan asks what will you give to my son in marriage. Devanshi asks are you asking dowry. Nutan asks did I say wrong, I agreed for marriage on your saying, she has to agree to me, let me decide now. Kaki says we can’t be equal to you. Nutan asks won’t you give dowry. Devanshi says we don’t want anything from her, there won’t be any talk now, Kaki I will fulfill my promise. She takes shagun from Kaki and gives shagun for the girl.

Its night, Kusum hears Devanshi coming. She jumps down the window. Devanshi comes there. She asks Kusum is she ready to tell her truth to everyone, I m asking the decision, tell me. She asks again. She goes and sees Kusum’s statue instead Kusum. She sees the window and looks good. She says how did I forget to shut window, where did she run.

Kusum does some havan and says its time for your dreams to get burnt Devanshi. She chants mantras. Devanshi looks for her. She says why do I feel Kusum was here, what is she doing. Kusum goes to tantric. He asks her to say what happened. She says you asked me to do tapasya in isolated place, Devanshi reached there, I left tapasya and came here running. He says this happened wrong. She says leave it, I will do again. He asks her to do tough tapasya, else you can’t win, she has become powerful, there should be no hurdle. He shows her the mayavi door and asks her to start tapasya.

Devanshi says Kusum is planning something. Ishwar says she won’t lose so soon, come with me, we will go and see if she came back. They go and see Kusum. Ishwar says now she can’t cheat us. They get shocked seeing Kusum in statue place. Devanshi thinks to find out her plan.


Devanshi 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi thinks to trap Kusum. She tells Kusum that police came to arrest her for kidnapping kids.

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