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Devanshi 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum getting angry on seeing Kalki studying. Devanshi says Kusum will not sit quiet. Gopi gets a call and gets glad. He tells Devanshi that music company called to record a song with him. He goes. A man comes to meet Pavan. She says Pavan went to your house, he has messaged me. She shows the message. He says Pavan messaged me too and shows message. She thinks where did Pavan go. She fails to contact him. She thinks is Maya behind this. She says Pavan is in big problem, we have to trace his phone. He says we will try to tack his phone. Devanshi comes to Maya and asks where is Pavan, his phone location is tracked in this house. Maya gives Pavan’s phone. Devanshi asks where did you hide him. Maya says fine, fall in my feet and chant Kukarmi Devi’s name, Pavan will come back in your life.

Devanshi asks what do you want, why are you doing this. Maya says I want Maiyya to lose to Kukarmi Devi, if you lose, Maiyya will also lose, so forget Maiyya, everything will get fine, else you will lose everyone, Pavan, Kalki and this house, I will ruin Kalki’s childhood, I know you love Kalki a lot. Kusum gets Kalki’s friend and interrupts her studies. She says she wants to play with you, go and play. Teacher says not yet, you can go after an hour, you have to end lesson first. The girl asks Kalki to come and play. Kalki asks teacher to let her go. Teacher refuses. Kusum scolds her. Teacher says Devanshi will be angry on me. Kusum says she is my daughter. Teacher says I will complaint about you. Kalki gets angry and scolds teacher. She sends her. Kusum thinks I will get new teacher for Kalki, Devanshi will be shocked. Devanshi twists Maya’s hand and asks her to think what can Maiyya do to her. She warns Maya against hurting Pavan and Kalki.

She says Pavan will be here in next 24 hours. Maya says you can’t harm me, see how I have shaken your life, once I get my powers, see what I will do. Devanshi goes. Gopi asks the man to give more money. The man says we will final it on 1.5 lakhs. Nutan says no, you should get 5 lakhs for this album. The man says we are giving him a chance, we can’t give him 5 lakhs. Nutan asks Gopi to let the man go. The man leaves. Gopi asks Nutan when will she leave greed, he was getting a good project. Devanshi thinks to find Pavan. She gets a call from teacher.

Kalki comes. Devanshi asks her to apologize to her teacher. Kalki refuses. Devanshi says studies and learning manners are very imp things. Kusum says don’t worry, I got a new teacher for her. Vardaan comes.

Devanshi asks him how dare he come in her house. Kusum says I called him to teach Kalki. Kalki says I will just learn from Vardaan, no one else. Devanshi scolds Vardaan. He reminds its his house and he doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Kalki asks him to teach her. Vardaan takes her. Servant says temple is getting renovated. Devanshi says I m doing this, temple is still mine, I can do anything. Kusum says you can’t stop puja. Devanshi says I want to make temple beautiful, I think repairing work will finish in 15 days, govt has rules, old buildings need repair. Kusum argues with her. Devanshi says I can’t take any risk, I think Kalki’s throne ceremony can get postponed, send Pavan back, else I will get temple shut forever, fight openly, not like a coward, stop hurting my close people, send Pavan back else forget temple.

Kusum tells Maya what Devanshi is doing, she is very smart. She scolds Maya. Maya stares at her and shuts her mouth. Kusum apologizes. Maya frees her. Maya asks her to never speak against her, its good Devanshi is fighting, she can’t do anything, get ready to make Kalki mata, teach her how to fool people. Kusum goes. Maya says I will do my work, as Kukarmi Devi has chosen me.


Devanshi 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya says Kalki will tell everyone about Pavan in darbar tomorrow. Kalki tells about Pavan. Devanshi tries to find Pavan.

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