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Devanshi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi talking to Maiyya. She says you made me an orphan and then made me away from my foster parents, I always believed in you, I came back to village after 14 years, you filled thorns in my life, I have still believed in you, I sat on that throne by believing you, what did you give me in return, my husband has pointed on my character, even then my belief did not break, you have let my child die, you have snatched my child, why, answer me, now my belief on you has broken, today I end our relation. She throws the ghungroos beads thread. She cries and leaves.

A leap of 10 months is shown. Mohan says after Devanshi went, much changed in Jwalapuri, its a big day, my marriage is happening. He looks for his sehra. Kusum gets the sehra and says you look handsome. He asks her not to praise him. She says you are doing a favor by doing this marriage, its imp for me. He asks what’s the use of this marriage. She says we are facing financial difficulties, I m asking you for the last thing. He holds her and says your love is killer, I wanted to take revenge but became your servant again.

She says its a big day, we are going to take big step, I want everything to get fine, your kundli has dosh, I can’t take risk, smile now. Mohan smiles. She asks servants to see if bride is ready. She says see the bride has come. The servants get a female dog. Kusum tells Mohan that our grah will get better if you marry this dog, please marry, where is pandit. Gopi says pandit is here, tell me what to do, I will get marriage done now itself. Mohan sits. Gopi laughs. Kusum asks him not to laugh. Gopi jokes. Mohan asks him to complete marriage. Gopi says click their picture. Mohan refuses for rounds. Kusum asks him to take rounds. Mohan takes rounds. Gopi asks Mohan to put mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Mohan does rituals with dog. Gopi asks him to fill maang. Mohan says this dog has no maang. Gopi asks him to do as he says. Mohan takes sindoor. The dog bits his hand. Mohan gets angry. Gopi says now marriage got completed.

Mohan says you did not do right with me. Gopi says wives are such, they bark and bite, your marriage is done. Mohan shouts and goes. He asks is this dosh over, you got bitten me with dog, I was going to marry you, you did this, see what will happen, our dream will fulfill. Kusum does the aid. She asks him to calm down. She says sometimes it does not happen as we want, we did not get what wanted and got something we did not imagine.

Vardaan does the aarti. Kusum and Mohan come there. Kusum calls out Vardaan. He turns and smiles. He says Maa and goes to her. Lady says you are not giving us aarti first. Vardaan says for me, my mum is first, nothing is imp than her. Kusum and Mohan smile. Vardaan gives aarti to Kusum and says its first day of Navratri, bless me. Kusum asks him to place idol with true heart.

Mohan says you said right, how did Vardaan become your blind devotee. Kusum says villagers don’t like me, I had to sell jewelry, since Devanshi died, we did not get anything, I want to stand in elections, if I win, will take revenge from them. He says you are already taking revenge, people used to do puja here, now what’s happening here, we have started wine shops and all men drink, now they have no money, how will you arrange money for elections. She says I arranged money, don’t worry. He asks how. She says I m going to sell this haveli, I will use money in elections.

Few miles away, Devanshi is seen dancing on Nagada sang dhol……Someone calls her for Navratri puja. Devanshi says I don’t want to go there, Maiyya has no cure for my wounds, I came here to ask price for my tears. She tosses a coin. She says this time, I will win both ways.


Devanshi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan asks servants how did idol get stolen. A man tells Devanshi that he has kept the idol safe. Vardaan gets the note. He reads idol is with me, if you want it, price is 30 lakhs. He gets shocked.