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Devanshi 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying you enjoy on your mum’s money. He shouts and says I don’t touch Kusum’s money, dad left this money for me. She says now I m sure you have no self respect. He says why, am I wasting money, I m using it in good cause, dad would be happy. She says this is difference between me and you, you are spoilt guy, if you love Devanshi, work hard and earn, then get anything for her, I will not stop you. She asks him to get hand aid done and goes.

Temple servant announces about Holi celebrations, there is Matki breaking competition, the one who wins, Kusum will give 50000rs to the winner. Vardaan hears this and says Sakshi thinks I m useless, I will work hard and earn to give gifts to Devanshi, I will shut her mouth from giving lecture.

Devanshi asks the men to take things back. Sakshi asks why are you sending this, Vardaan got this. Devanshi says no, I m with you, give me some time, I will get everything. Sakshi asks why are you sending it, you are bad. She throws things on Devanshi. Vardaan comes and stops Sakshi. He says good kids don’t beat anyone. Sakshi says but you got all this for me. He says don’t worry, like Devanshi wants, all things will come that way, promise, if anyone has doubt, tell them that I m participating in Matki breaking competition tomorrow, I m going to win, the prize will be just mine, I will get everything back from it, holi starts today, its holika dahan tomorrow, I will win competition tomorrow. He goes.

Sakshi asks can we go in holika dahan. Devanshi thinks how to go, you get scared seeing fire, if my truth comes out, it can be big problem. Sakshi asks her to say something. Golu runs to Kusum and colors falls. Kusum scolds him. He says sorry, I have to give you big news, Vardaan gave his name for the competition. She says fine, go, ask Nutan to clean the floor. He goes. She gets angry on Vardaan and says will he break Matki with poor people.

The girls look at Vardaan and smile. He does workout. Devanshi sits washing clothes. Girls flirt with him. Devanshi says fake praise can make a person useless, dear ones is such who shows mirror and tell weaknesses to person. Vardaan falls. Devanshi smiles.

He goes to Devanshi and takes water to clean hands. He asks what happened, did you feel I came to clean you from world. He resumes workout. He says I will not just break Matki in competition, I will break a girl’s ego too, she will know I can also earn money by hardwork.

Nutan and Gopi make Golu run. She beats Golu. Golu says I don’t like to win, why are you making me take part in competition. She asks him to believe in himself, if Vardaan can do it, then you can do it too, think Golu, Kusum will be so happy when she gives you prize. He says I don’t want money. She says but you want respect right, run. They see Vardaan running, and the girls running after him.

Vardaan says Golu, you too…. He sees mango juice with Golu. He fools them and tells about Karela juice, black pepper dal etc which gives energy. He wishes all the best to Golu and goes. Golu says I can’t win when Vardaan is competing. Nutan asks him to run till evening, I will ask servant to make Karela juice, black pepper dal for you. Golu worries.

Sakshi says I will go in holika dahan. Devanshi says villagers will get angry, we won’t go. Sakshi says I will go, and gets angry. Devanshi says fine, trouble me if you want. Sakshi says I can’t annoy you. Devanshi makes her promise that she won’t wish to go in holika dahan. She thinks I can’t risk your life. Sakshi says you look bad today. Devanshi says you won’t go there. Vardaan comes and asks why won’t she go, if she wants to see holika dahan, who are you to stop her. Devanshi says her sister, she won’t go. He says she will go. She says she won’t go. He says stop if you can. He takes Sakshi saying get ready, we have to go. Devanshi says Sakshi is afraid of fire, Maiyya keep everything fine.

Nutan tells Gopi and Golu that she will feed everyone Julaap powder. Kusum and her brother come. Nutan asks them to come for holika dahan. Kusum thinks I should get more powerful, I just hope my son does not do anything. Kusum throws the colors. Kusum does holika dahan puja. Everyone attend. Vardaan comes with Sakshi and holds her hand. Devanshi comes too. They all get shocked.

The lady says how dare she come here. Nutan asks Vardaan why did you get this Chudail here in temple, did she change your thinking too. Vardaan gets angry and asks when was it proved that she is Chudail, don’t blame if nothing is proved, I m just standing outside temple, I will not go inside, Maiyya did injustice with these two sisters and my dad, I can never forget this.

Kaka says Vardaan is right, holi is to celebrate good’s win over evil, let them attend it. Vardaan says let Maiyya sign me to take Devanshi away, then I will take her. He looks around. Kusum stares at him. Devanshi sees him.


Devanshi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi drinks bhaang. She says you know, I m not Sakshi, I m Devanshi. Vardaan gets shocked.

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