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Devanshi 13th March 2017 Written Update Preview


In the previous episode of Devanshi you watch Devanshi says my goodness is supporting me, someone has taken my side for the first time. Kaka scolds Nutan. Vardaan asks Nutan to leave. Nutan and the ladies leave. Kaka says I m with you, everyone will be with you soon. He blesses Devanshi. Sakshi says bless me also. They smile. Kaka blesses her.

Nutan tells Kusum that Kaka came and saved both sisters, what could I do, I came back silently. Kusum’s brother asks her to manage kitchen. Nutan goes. He tells Kusum that I would have stopped Kaka. Kusum says then villagers would get against you, use mind, not power, none can do anything. He says Devansh has good fate, anyone saves her always, be careful, don’t take this matter light.

Gopi goes to Kusum and asks why is she worried, if Chudail Devanshi is troubling you, command me to cancel holi program. She says no, this time celebrate holi well, if villagers find anything else, they will harm the sisters, I don’t want anyone to think I m affected by the girls’ return. He says fine, this will happen.

Vardaan gets electronics home. Sakshi asks did you get this for me. He says yes, you will sit in cool air and watch tv. Sakshi says it will be very much fun. He asks Devanshi not to give any lecture now. Devanshi asks him to tell those men to take all items out. He laughs and asks why did you not say there. She says I was scared it would insult you. He says fine, insult me here, I don’t care. She says that’s the problem, you have no shame, you don’t have self esteem, but I have it. I have belief, I can work hard and get all this for Sakshi, I don’t want anyone’s help who begs things from others. He gets angry and hurts his hand. She says you don’t have courage to face truth.

In Devanshi 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will see how Devanshi tell vardaan she is not sakshi and she is devanshi and Vardaan get shocked . Watch Devanshi 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update for more .

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