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Devanshi 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Kusum where did she go. Kusum says I m everywhere, but I was here by your command. Devanshi asks her not to lie, I know you kept your statue here and went out by window. Kusum asks her where is the statue, she was sitting and doing Sadhna, my other avatar went outside, as you have seen the miracle. Ishwar says once I get the statue, see how I expose you, I will tie you back. She says I m free, if you are angry, tie me. Ishwar ties Kusum. Kusum thinks you can’t stop me from doing tapasya.

Its morning, Nutan and Golu come to Kaki’s house with shagun. Nutan says we don’t want to drink water here. Kaki says this blessing ritual is imp. Nutan asks her not to tell her about rituals. She says I will insult them so much, that they break relation themselves. Kaki gets her daughter. Nutan lifts the ghunghat and sees the girl. Golu and Nutan insult the girl. Nutan says whatever Devanshi says, I want dowry in Golu’s marriage, else who will bear your daughter.

Tantric says this marriage happening is Devanshi’s ruining, just focus on this marriage, start the maha tapasya. Kusum wears the clothes for tapasya and greets him. He throws ashes on her and says its miraculous ashes, now have this on forehead, it will give you strength to fulfill your motive.

Ishwar says I don’t know how she has run away, we have tied her, now her statue is tied on the bed. Devanshi says don’t know how she has run away, but where did she run and why. Nutan recalls Kusum’s words. She does the rituals. She thinks I did as Kusum said, now Kusum knows what will happen. Kusum does the tapasya. The water in kalash boils. The girl’s eyes turn yellowish. Nutan says I have to bless the girl as per ritual, its Devanshi Mata’s command. She holds the girl and gets hurt. She asks what’s happening, does she get any attack. Kaki hugs her daughter and says she is shaking. Tantric says your tapasya started showing effect, the girl’s mind is coming in your control. Kusum shouts to Devanshi to hear this. She laughs.

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Ishwar says we will show statue to villagers and expose Kusum. Devanshi says no, you always ask me to be patient, we have to make plan to expose her. Inspector comes and talks to them about children getting stolen. Devanshi says its bad. Inspector says there is no such incident in your village, its all because of your powers, if we get your help, it will be good. She recalls Kusum kidnapping her once. Vardaan asks what are you saying, its police work, how will she help you. Devanshi says I m ready to help you, we will find those children and thieves too. Inspector thanks her and goes.

Vardaan asks Devanshi why is she diverting from her focus, will she do magic to help police. She says no, I m normal girl and will help normally I sat on throne to trouble Kusum and help people. He asks her to do anything. Its night, Inspector gives tracker to Devanshi so that they can know her location. He says I thought you will help me by powers. She asks will I know culprit’s name and location, its nothing like that, Maiyya does magic. Vardaan asks why are you risking your life. She jokes on him.

She says I m looking like a kid in this uniform, is this the road from where children are kidnapped. Inspector says yes. Shikhar asks Vardaan not to worry, I will keep an eye on her. She hugs Vardaan and asks him not to worry. She goes with Shikhar. He says they can come anytime, I m hiding here, just sign me, this locket has mic also, police and I will hear you. She says fine, we reached here. Inspector asks her to wait there. Shikhar hides and signs her.


Devanshi 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum asks what’s police at my house. Devanshi says police came to arrest you for kidnapping children. She traps Kusum.

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