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Devanshi 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan teaching wrong to Kalki. He tells Kusum that he is doing this to hurt Devanshi. Devanshi comes and hears Kalki saying wrong answers. She scolds Vardaan and tells Kalki that Vardaan is teaching her wrong english, she can ask any friend, she will fail in interview and won’t get admission in school, Vardaan is doing this for Kusum and Maya. Kalki says who are you to tell me, you won’t teach me, just Vardaan will teach me. Vardaan smiles and takes her.

Kusum taunts Devanshi and says Kalki will just listen to me now, she will fail in interview tomorrow, I will get rick by making her Mata. Devanshi recalls what happened with her. Devanshi thinks how to find Pavan, what did Maya do with him, Maiyya will show me the way. She talks to Gopi. Gopi says I didn’t get that book, maybe Kukarmi Devi is doing this, but why will she kidnap Pavan. Devanshi says I don’t know how to find him. The servant gives burnt papers found. Gopi says its that book’s papers, which had solution to get saved.

Devanshi says it will be tough to read this. He says I have some gyaan of Shastra, I will try to get meaning of this, I have made pamphlet of Pavan gone missing, I have kept one crore prize. She says its big amount, anyone can say truth being greedy, we have to find Pavan. Kusum teaches Kalki about being Mata. Coconut moves. Kalki gets scared. She asks Kalki not to get scared and laughs. She says this is fake coconut, I have kept a rat inside. Kalki smiles. Kusum asks her to understand, its big thing but will she do this for her mum. Kalki says yes, you can make me do anything.

Maya comes and asks Kalki to go out and play for some time. Kalki goes. Maya asks Kusum about her preparations. Kusum says training is going on good, I taught her enough magic, but I want her to do big magic so that I get the treasure. Maya shows the pamphlet and says this is Kalki’s big magic, which Kalki will tell everyone tomorrow, Pavan will be there. Kusum asks how. Maya says this is the address, Kalki will tell this to everyone in darbar, even if Devanshi reaches Pavan, I won’t let him come here. Nutan hears their plan and thinks my doubt was right, it means Maya and Kusum are together, they have Pavan, I will know the address, I will get the prize.

Devanshi says we didn’t get any proof, there is no time. Gopi asks her not to worry. Nutan comes and says I know where is Pavan. Devanshi asks where is he. Nutan asks her to give her one crore prize. Gopi asks will she blackmail family now. Nutan says yes, its not wrong, if anyone else comes, you would give him the prize, I want to buy more gold.

Devanshi agrees to give her money. She says I will arrange money, if it gets late, Nutan will forget address. She gives the cheque to Nutan. Gopi asks her to encash it in morning. Devanshi asks where is Pavan. Nutan gives the address to Devanshi. Devanshi reads it. Maya comes to Kusum and says Devanshi will be getting Pavan here, we have to call darbar now and make Kalki sit on throne, else our plan will fail. Kusum asks servant to tell everyone about Kalki’s call in darbar. Devanshi is on the way and checks the route. She thinks about Pavan and worries. Everyone comes in the darbar and think its maybe right mahurat to make Kalki Mata. Inspector asks Devanshi to show car papers. She says I have to leave somewhere fast. He asks her to show driving license. She looks for it. Kalki comes as Mata. Kusum makes her sit on throne. Everyone smiles. Maya says we don’t have time to do old magic, we have to come on Pavan’s matter. Kusum says Devanshi can’t reach him, I have contacts there, don’t worry, police would have stopped her, I got her license, how will she drive car without license. Maya smiles.


Devanshi 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya asks Kalki to find her brother Pavan. Kalki gives the address. Everyone comes there and find Pavan tied up. Devanshi comes there and hears everyone praising Kalki Mata.

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