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Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 14th April 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking everyone to donate the money, then I will show a miracle of Maiyya. The people donate money in the hundi. Devanshi waits for Ishwar and thinks why did he get late, I can’t keep him locked for much time. She apologizes to Shikhar and says I want your help, try to understand. She opens the box and gets shocked seeing a hen inside. She says where did the magician go. She says I thought to expose Kusum’s lie by his help, what will I do now. Shikhar looks on.

Kusum says my devotees, the time for what you were waiting has come, I will show miracle, Maiyya will make gold coins shower on me to show the happiness coming here. Ishwar and Devanshi come. He says she will show some magic and fool them. They all chant her name. Kusum asks Maiyya to shower coins on her.

She signs the servant and asks Maiyya to show her miracle. The coins don’t fall. Kusum asks Maiyya to show miracle so that villagers can understand prosperity is coming. She gets tensed. A crow poops on her head. Everyone laugh and ask what’s this. Ishwar asks why is her miracle not working this time. Devanshi says don’t know and laughs. The coins fall over Devanshi. Devanshi and everyone get shocked. The people chant Devanshi’s name. Devanshi thinks how did this happen. She sees Shikhar. He smiles and sign to her. She smiles.

Devanshi says there is no one above or equal to Maiyya, just chant Maiyya’s name, I m sure Maiyya does not want this money, we have roof by her blessings, why will she need roof by us, you can donate money to needy people, Maiyya will be happy. She asks them to take hundi and take their money back. Kusum gets shocked. Shikhar smiles.

Kusum says just I know doing such miracle, how can Devanshi do this. Devanshi says its not the question how I did this, the question is why did I need to do this, so that there is no cheat with innocent devotees, Sadhu and Guru’s duty is to get people on devotion path, you are diverting them with superstitions, you are doing a sin, I was outsider before, now I m going to become your bahu, atleast agree to me now, I fold hands to you. Kusum says shut up, marriage is going to happen, it did not happen yet, there is still time. Devanshi says its your wish to agree or not, till I m here, I will fail you. Kusum says I will see how you fail me.

Vardaan asks Ishwar how did coins fall on Devanshi. Devanshi says Shikhar was behind it. Shikhar meets them. She says I got him here. Shikhar says no, she kidnapped me. She apologizes and says I had no time, I had to do this to stop Kusum. Shikhar says if beautiful girl apologizes, anyone can forgive. Vardaan asks him to talk of work. Shikhar says I was helpless to my heart, after seeing her, I thought everyone should praise her. Vardaan says she is going to become my wife. He gets jealous. Devanshi smiles. Vardaan goes. Shikhar says something is burning right. Devanshi says we will talk of work, you have seen Kusum fooling people, we need your help to stop her. Ishwar says we will give you money.

Shikhar says good deeds are done for other’s good, not money, I will do this work, I don’t want money, it does not mean I don’t want anything. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean I want good food. Ishwar and Devanshi take responsibility and ask him not to worry. Shikhar forwards hand. Devanshi says I know you will help us and does Namaste.

Servant tells Kusum that the hundi money is in this sack, I was asked to give this to poor, you are my everything, how can I do this without your command. She says great, I m happy getting servant like you, keep the money in my room, I will see how Devanshi distributes money to poor. Someone hears her.


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