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Devanshi 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

The Episode starts with Kusum saying if I told Sarla that poison is added in laddoo, her hands would have shaken up, and if Devanshi dies, Sarla will be blamed. Nutan asks the kids to leave for school. Sarla stops Devanshi and says I have some work, stay at home. Devanshi agrees. Vardaan asks why, will she not go school, how will we study. Devanshi argues with Vardaan. He says fine, be illiterate, stay at home. He goes. Kusum asks Nutan to come with her to temple to do arrangements of Maha ashtami. She thinks now there is just Sarla and Devanshi at home, Ishwar can’t help anyone. Kusum and Nutan leave.

Devanshi thinks how to know about that woman, Maiyya help me. Sarla gives laddoos to Devanshi. Devanshi gets glad. Sarla asks her to finish all laddoos. Devanshi asks are all laddoos for me and smiles. She says school uniform will spoil, I will change and come, then eat well. Devanshi goes. Sarla says finish laddoos, don’t give it to anyone. She goes. Vardana comes and says you fought with me, I won’t let you eat any laddoos. He empties the sweet box. He says its good I forgot geometry box, I will teach a lesson to Devanshi now. He leaves just one laddoo in the box and goes to his room to find geometry box. Vardaan’s hand gets itching. He says did anyone mix something in laddoo, I just touched laddoos. Devanshi comes back and sees just one laddoo.

She thinks where did other laddoos go. He worries for Devanshi. Devanshi calls out Sarla and asks for other laddoos. He rushes to Devanshi and stops her from eating the laddoo. She asks when did you come back, did you hide all laddoos. He says yes, give that to me. She asks will you take last laddoo also. He says no, your mum added something in laddoo. She says don’t blame Sarla, I will prove this laddoo is fine. She eats laddoo. He hits her face to stop her. Half laddoo falls. She eats the other half and asks him to see she is fine. She asks why did you throw half laddoo.

She starts feeling unwell. He asks what’s happening and shouts for help. Sarla comes and asks what happened. Vardaan says you wanted to do this, what did you want to do, what did you mix in laddoo. Sarla thinks drugs can’t do this, did Kusum mix poison in laddoo. He says if anything happens to Devanshi, I will not leave you, go and call someone for help. Sarla goes.

Vardaan runs to Ishwar and tells him that Sarla added something and fed Devanshi, she is unwell, I will call doctor. Ishwar thinks nothing should happen to Devanshi. He sees the wheelchair. He falls down the bed and reaches wheelchair. He gets on wheelchair and rotates the wheel. He leaves from the room and comes to hall. He sees Devanshi’s bad state and thinks to do something, else she will die, I have to get gourd juice, maybe she will get saved. He prays to Maiyya and goes to the kitchen on wheelchair. He falls down the wheelchair. Devanshi coughs and holds her neck.

Ishwar crawls on the ground and prays to Maiyya. He gets a tray from platform. He gets a knife and cuts a bottle gourd. He gets that in the tray. Devanshi falls down and lies on the floor. Ishwar extracts the gourd juice. He gets the juice in glass and prays that justice should not lose. He crawls on ground and takes the juice glass to Devanshi.

Ishwar prays to Maiyya. He sees Devanshi expelling froth from mouth and gets shocked. He prays and takes Maiyya’s name. He stands on his feet. He goes to Devanshi and feeds the juice to her.

Devanshi 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum gets shocked seeing Devanshi fine. Ishwar tells Devanshi that someone is here who killed her parents and who tried to kill her by giving poison. Devanshi and Vardaan get shocked.

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