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Devanshi 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum paying servants and asking them to repair the temple wall. She does not see Devanshi. The men build the wall. Kusum thinks I will make them do the work and act like I did the work. She asks them to work fast. She sends the men. She acts like doing work herself. Gopi and Nutan come and see the wall. Nutan says I think something is fishy. Kusum says Nutan is right, Maiyya helped me in doing the work, Maiyya gave me strength. Menka looks at the wall.

Gopi says Maiyya did this, Maiyya is always with us. Menka thinks Kusum will be framed for Kalki’s murder and go jail. She says my work is done, everyone should find Kalki. Gopi stops her and asks did you see Kalki, she never went out this way. Menka says no, why are you asking me, am I her manager. Gopi says fine. She argues. He asks her to change, as time is changing. Menka says I hate her, she tries to snatch Vardaan from me, don’t doubt on me, I don’t care for her, Kusum cares for her, go and ask her. He asks why do you want to marry Vardaan, you don’t love him, you love his money, you want to ruin his life like you ruined Golu’s life, your life is also getting ruined, can you stay happy with him, I don’t think so. Menka asks him to go.

Menka thinks to leave proof that will help her prove Kusum is the culprit. She writes a letter that Kalki won’t come back, don’t try to find her. She thinks it will prove Kusum is behind this. She sees Mohan and hides. Mohan looks for Kalki. She silently leaves. Mohan tries to call. He goes. Kusum comes to Vardaan and says Kalki is ready to give money. He says I can’t believe it. She praises Kalki. They see some groom coming with baraat. Vardaan asks who are you, why did you get baraat. The man comes to them and says I look a groom right, I came here to take my bride.

He removes the sehra and says Kalki is my wife, where is my Kalki. They all get shocked. He says I know she stays here. Vardaan says this can’t happen. Kusum says she kept swayamvar here, why would she keep it if she was married. The man says I m Pavan Bakshi, she is annoyed with me, I m her husband, if anyone tries to come in between, I will cut his ticket. Vardaan says fine, why did he keep swayamvar. Pavan says just Kalki can answer, call her, where is she. Nutan goes to call. Pavan argues with Vardaan and says why are you interested in my wife. He scolds Vardaan. Kusum says you have come to take her money. Vardaan says if Kalki denies that you are her husband, you will go jail. Menka says let Kalki come, maybe he is saying true, our problem will end, its good. Pavan says stop this family drama and get my wife, else I will make a graveyard here. Nutan gets the note. She goes to tell everyone. Vardaan argues with Pavan.

Pavan taunts Kusum for her fraud, who fooled the villagers a lot till now. Vardaan gets angry. The guards come to him. Kusum thinks Kalki is missing, and he has come here. Pavan thinks to find Kalki.


Devanshi 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pavan finds Devanshi by breaking the wall. Everyone gets shocked. Pavan asks Vardaan to help him take her to hospital.