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Devanshi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying Maiyya will sign if she has a problem with Devanshi’s coming, I will take her out if any sign comes. He says there is no sign, it means Maiyya has no problems. Kusum says its fine, even evil spirits can come to Maiyya, let the girl attend the festival, it was trust of devotee Prahlad, that the fire of Holika could not do anything to him, lets start holika dahan by remembering him.

She lights fire to holika dahan. Sakshi gets tensed. Devanshi says this fire is to pray to Maiyya. Sakshi says no, this fire will kill everyone. Kusum does the rituals. Sakshi gets worried and stops Kusum. They all get shocked. Devanshi asks Sakshi to leave Kusum. Kusum says leave me. Devanshi apologizes to Kusum. She says nothing happened. Kusum’s brother gets angry. Kusum says I don’t want any more drama.

Sakshi says this woman, all houses burnt. Devanshi says everything is fine, don’t say anything. Vardaan looks on. Kusum sees the hand marks on her hand and asks everyone to do rituals. Vardaan asks what happened. Devanshi says she gets scared seeing fire, remember the blasts happening 14 years ago, its still in her mind, she recalls all that seeing fire. Vardaan says it was your state that time, she was fine, you would have told me. She asks did you give me any chance, come Sakshi. She takes Sakshi. Nutan says they both could not stand in front of holika dahan, that Chudail attacked Kusum. Kusum gets angry.

Sakshi sleeps and sees fire in dream. She wakes up and says fire will burn everything. Vardaan says I m with you, sleep. She sleeps in his lap. He worries for Sakshi.

Devanshi does puja alone and burns holika. She prays for Sakshi and cries. Vardaan comes and sees her. He thinks I don’t have any relation with her, why do I feel pulled towards her, I wish her prayers get fulfilled, I will take all her sorrows after this holi.

Its morning, everyone meet for holi fest. Devanshi says I liked to apply colors always. They see Matki at height. Devanshi says Ashutosh used to take part in this competition, its looking good. People stare at them. Kusum talk to the chief guest. She explains matki competition. The men say this time we will win. Kusum says Golu and Vardaan also took part in this competition. Minister says I m glad, there is no biasing. She says everyone is Maiyya’s children. Her brother says its time to do rasam. Kusum goes.

Golu says I will make all guys lose, I m scared of Vardaan. Nutan says Vardaan eats same things. He asks her to go and break Matki. She says you have to win. Vardaan makes an entry. Devanshi looks on. Nutan asks Golu to win over Vardaan. He says I can’t win. She says you will win. See how I make Vardaan out of the way.

Everyone chant Kusum’s name. Nutan says I have to talk to you, I was thinking if Vardaan wins the competition, you will have to give him prize money. Kusum says so what. Nutan says he will give money to Devanshi and Sakshi, then their life will get easy, which we both don’t want. don’t let Vardaan win the competition. Kusum tells the servant and goes. Nutan smiles and thinks just my son will win now. Sakshi says I also want to play holi. She asks people to apply color to her. The people get away and say no on will play holi with you.

Vardaan looks on. He gets colors and applies to Sakshi. Sakshi jumps happily. Devanshi and Vardaan smile. Devanshi recalls his words. He goes to apply color to Devanshi. She covers her face. He goes. He thinks I know whats going on in your mind, I will win this competition and prove I can take care of you and Devanshi.


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