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Devanshi 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Pavan Supports Devanshi


Devanshi 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum telling everyone that Kalki will help the needy people. Maya cries and asks Kalki to find her brother. Kalki sees Pavan’s pic. She tells Maya about Pavan’s address, as taught by Kusum. Kusum smiles. Devanshi tries to explain police that she has to go. She thinks where did the license go, maybe Maya is behind this. She prays. She sees police busy with others and runs. Maya and everyone come to the place and see Pavan tied up. The villagers praise Kalki and chant her name. Maya smiles. Devanshi comes there and looks on.

Devanshi asks Pavan to open eyes and frees him. She asks someone to get water. She sprinkles water on him. Pavan gets conscious. Devanshi holds him. Pavan sees everyone chanting Kalki’s name and asks Devanshi what’s happening. Devanshi asks him not to take stress. She asks everyone not to ruin a girl’s future this way by blind belief. Maya argues and says I got my brother because of Mata Kalki, I have become her devotee, you could find Pavan, Kalki has found him. They all go. Devanshi says I will tell you everything Pavan.

Everyone chants Kalki’s name. Kalk feels sleepy. Kusum asks her can’t she stay awake for her sake. Kalki agrees. A man gets his daughter and asks Kalki to make his daughter fine. Kusum asks Kalki to do the coconut trick. She tells everyone that the girl’s spirit will come inside this coconut. Kalki keeps the coconut on the girl’s head and prays. She keeps the coconut down. The coconut starts moving. Everyone gets shocked. The girl gets fine. Pavan and Devanshi come there and look on.

Pavan asks them not to believe Kusum. Devanshi says I got her truth out, why are you not believing me. Pavan says you all will just regret if you believe her, she is greedy and fallen woman. Kalki shouts enough and scolds Pavan. Devanshi and Kusum argue. Pavan says they will not believe this way, I will break this coconut. Kalki says no, don’t break it, there sa rat inside, rat will get hurt. Maya opens the coconut and sees the rat. They all get shocked.

Maya tells everyone that Kalki made a Chudail a rat, she is great, chant her name. They all chant Kalki’s name. Devanshi says enough, leave from here, there won’t be any drama here. They all leave. Pavan asks Maya where is his sister Maya, she is not in hospital. Maya smiles and asks him to ask Kalki Mata. He threatens her. Maya laughs and says you need Lord, who is helpless, just I can save her, but I have a condition, you have to leave Jwalapuri and Devanshi forever, you can do this for your sister. Pavan gets shocked. Pavan gets in a fix and goes. Devanshi sees Maya.

Pavan recalls Maya’s words. Devanshi comes to him and asks him to do a brother’s duty, and leave from here. He says I will do a brother’s duty, but my love’s duty will be incomplete, I love you and will always love you, my love is one sided, but complete, I will fight with everyone but hear your yes, I will wait for you till this world ends, I can wait for many births, I will always be with you, I will not get my sister till Kukarmi Devi ends, if we are together, she can’t do anything, you love me or not, but promise me you will not ask me to stay away from this fight. She agrees and goes.

Kalki burns the clothes and scolds servant. She says I will not wear these clothes, I m Mata, get mehendi for me. Devanshi says you are getting school admission tomorrow, you can’t apply mehendi. Kalki shows her childhood pic and asks why are you stopping me, you also became Mata, I will not go school as you.


Devanshi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nutan and Kusum argue for money. Pavan records them and says I will trap Kukarmi Devi. Devanshi threatens Kusum about the video. The villagers scold Kusum.

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