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Devanshi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan to love her always. Pavan cries seeing this. Gopi asks police to take Kusum and Mohan. Police takes them out. Devanshi sees them and recalls what happened with her. The people get angry on Kusum. Devanshi comes back and sees the girl having laddoos and milk. Gopi laughs. The girl says I m Lord, how can you stop me from having my prasad. Gopi asks her to have anything she wants. He stops Devanshi. He asks where are you going, now all this is yours, this temple and house, its your responsibility. Devanshi says no, nothing is mine, I came here to do my work and I m done now, I will leave. The girl asks for more butter and throws things at Nutan.

Devanshi stops the girl and says come with me to my home, you will get much butter. The girl agrees and says if there is no butter then. Devanshi says if its there then, come. Gopi apologizes to Devanshi for not supporting her in her bad time. Nutan thinks I have to apologize and go on her side. She says yes, much injustice happened with you, forgive me too. The girl says you do good acting, were you in drama company before. Devanshi says no need to apologize, I left hopes from people and Maiyya, Maiyya did not save me. The girl says but she saved you today. Devanshi says yes, but its very late now, maybe my child got saved if she saved me before, why did I bear all this, I can join relation again but it can’t be like before. The girl says you can’t go, you have to feed me butter and find my mum, I will be with you, we are alike, you lost your child and I lost my mum. Devanshi says fine, I promise we will together find your mum. The girl thanks her. Devanshi gets a message and says take care of Kalki, I will just come.

Pavan and Vardaan stop Mohan and beat him up. Pavan says how dare you touch my Devasnshi. Vardaan looks at him. Vardaan gets a stick, while Pavan gets a boulder. Vardaan hits on Mohan’s head. Devanshi comes and sees them. She asks what did you do, you have killed Mohan. Police comes there and checks Mohan. Inspector says Mohan is still alive, take him to hospital, who has beaten him up, accept the crime, tell me. Pavan says I have killed Mohan. Devanshi looks at him. Pavan says I m ready to come with me, I want to talk to Devanshi once. He asks her to come with him.

Vardaan looks on. Pavan takes her aside. She asks why did you lie. Pavan says what could I do, what do you want that Vardaan stays in jail, I took blame on me, I understood you still love Vardaan and I love you. She looks at him. He says yes, I love you, its true, I didn’t know when I fell in love with you, I m your culprit, I supported Kusum for my selfish motives, I couldn’t see you going back to Vardaan, why are you silent, you beat me, don’t be silent, all my decisions fell small in front of your love, now I have understood that love is such thing which can’t be snatched, its just done by heart, I don’t want to snatch you. Inspector asks him to come.

Devanshi cries and stops inspector. Inspector asks what happened. She says Vardaan has beaten Mohan, not Pavan. She asks Vardaan to forgive her, she can’t see any innocent person getting punished. Pavan asks why are you lying, I attacked Mohan. Devanshi says I want to save Vardaan, it doesn’t mean I get any innocent punished. She hugs Vardaan and says I will free you from jail by hiring big lawyer. Vardaan gets angry and pushes her.

Pavan and Devanshi get shocked. Pavan holds her. Vardaan says enough, I couldn’t think you will become my life’s enemy one day, the one I m blindly believing will break my belief, you both want me to go jail. Pavan asks what nonsense, did you go mad. Vardaan says yes, I got mad, I felt my Devanshi came back, but no this is Pavan’s Kalki, who came to take revenge from me, she did not stand with me. Pavan says enough, now if you say a word against Devanshi…. Vardaan asks what will you do. Devanshi says Pavan you don’t say in between, its our matter. She asks Vardaan to say what’s in his heart. Vardaan says I felt my Devanshi came back, but I was wrong, you opened my eyes, your revenge got fulfilled, stay happy with your Pavan. She cries. Pavan says I didn’t see such a foolish man than you in my life. Devanshi says if she loved me, would she do this, we both have beaten Mohan, but she took my name. Pavan says enough now. Vardaan asks Pavan to beat him. Pavan says your fate is good as Devanshi is standing here, I don’t want to hurt her by beating you. Devanshi asks Vardaan to leave Pavan. Vardaan raises hand on her. Pavan holds Vardaan’s hand. Devanshi looks at Vardaan and says enough, you raised finger at my character last time, I gave clarification, this time I won’t give any clarification, I can’t change you and your thinking, think anything you want, I loved you before more than myself, you don’t deserve my love. Vardaan goes with police.


Devanshi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The people do aarti of Kalki and make her Mata. Devanshi says none will become Devanshi here, I won’t let you all do injustice with Kalki.

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