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Devanshi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum saying I have to find idol, else villagers will not let me sit on throne, I have to buy ticket for elections, I have to do something smartly, who will buy half share of the haveli. The man asks Devanshi is she sure of going there, does she think they will agree. Devanshi says don’t worry, I will give them lucrative offer, they are not selling the house, but buying their destruction. Nutan asks Gopi to think something, who is going to come and ruin their life, who is Kusum to sell this house, we have share in this house also, how did she take decision without asking us. Vardaan hears her. Gopi asks her to be quiet.

Vardaan says mum is doing this for people’s welfare, we will get Maiyya idol by selling house. Nutan says there are other ways, selling house means someone will come here and stay. Gopi asks her to leave it. Nutan asks this is wrong. Vardaan says don’t question about her decision. Nutan says you were against her before, I have right to ask, she did wrong. He says enough, I can’t hear anything against her, she is doing right, don’ say anything against her.

Kusum and Mohan come for auction. Mohan says my fate is still same after marriage. She asks him to find the idol. She greets everyone and thanks for coming. She says we will use money for village’s welfare. The bidding begins. Devanshi’s manager talks to her and bids the highest amount. He buys the part of the house for 40 lakhs. Devanshi says the game starts now, be ready to welcome your destruction, I m coming. Kusum and Mohan ask for payment. The man says you will get till evening. She says I know money won’t go anywhere, you have seen how early I have sold it and made you neighbor. He says sorry, I m not the owner. Mohan asks what do you mean. The man says I mean someone else bought this house, I m just the representative, she will come here till evening.

Kusum says I m excited to meet her, I kept a party to welcome her. Mohan asks the owner name. The man says Kalki Shah. Devanshi sees everyone’s pics and recalls what all happened with her. She throws the pics and says I m coming back in your life.

Vardaan says there is no info about Kalki, who is she who bought house for high price. Menka says we will see when she comes. Nutan asks servant is Devanshi’s room cleaned. He asks why do you call it Devanshi’s room. She says Devanshi used to stay there, that’s why. He says none will call it Devanshi’s room from now on. Menka asks him to calm down. She scolds Nutan. Vardaan says I don’t want to hear her name, I hate her. He goes. Menka asks Nutan to control her tongue. Nutan asks her to talk in low tone. Menka says once I marry Vardaan, see how I make you dance. She goes. Nutan says Kalki is the new problem, all this because of Kusum.

Mohan tells Kusum that villagers have come to ask about idol. Kusum asks what will I do. He says you made false promise, come. She asks what shall I do, I got one chance, I can’t miss it, Kalki is coming, we have to keep party, we will get insulted in front of her. Gopi comes and says miracle happened, Maiyya idol came back. Mohan and Kusum get shocked and go to see. Devanshi comes and sees temple. She recalls the past and thinks now I have no devotion, I will just walk on my revenge path, I will take revenge from those because of whom I lost my respect and child.


Devanshi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi says you are Devanshi. She says I m Kalki Shah. She slaps Mohan and says I will take revenge of this insult.