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Devanshi 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and Mohan arguing. She says my mind was not working, so I had to say it, Devanshi blamed me for kidnapping kids. Devanshi comes and asks her not to do maun vrath drama in front of her. She says you can make excuses to get saved, think which lie to say and make everyone quiet. Vardaan, Ishwar and Shikhar come there. Devanshi says it will be darkness outside, but your fraud will end and new sun will rise. They leave.

Vardaan gifts a saree to Devanshi, asking her to wear in Golu’s tilak. She says I don’t want anything, I just want you to gift me by your second hand. He says how sweet, get kidnapped again, this hand will start working. She says you just like to pull my leg. Shikhar comes there. He flirts with Devanshi. Vardaan asks him not to flirt with his wife, else be out of village. Shikhar says no way, I can’t stay away from Devanshi, I feel her beauty will make me do something wrong some day. She asks him to go, she will spend time with her husband. Shikhar goes. They call him mad. Devanshi thanks Vardaan.

Its night, Kusum says I have to reach in baba’s hut to do tapasya. She gets shock by current wire fixed at window. She screams. Shikhar comes and taunts her about the current shock. He goes. Kusum thinks if tapasya is incomplete, hardwork will go waste.
Nutan makes tea fall on Kaki’s feet. Devanshi comes and takes Kaki with her. She washes her feet and asks her not to worry. Kaki says if they treat my daughter badly, her life will be ruined. Devanshi asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to her, this is my promise to you. Kaki does Golu’s aarti. Kusum sees Mohan and throws a note for him. Mohan sees her. Devanshi steps near the note. She goes. Mohan picks note and reads. He thinks how to get Kusum out of here.

Devanshi asks Kaka to distribute toys to children. Kaka says you changed many things, entire village is happy. Mohan looks on and thinks this trunk will help me. He asks the man to go, he will see the work. The man goes. Nutan says once girl’s family eats these sweets, they will not get rid of bitterness. Devanshi stops her and throws the bottle. She warns Nutan not to do this again. She asks Nutan to understand and make her deeds right.


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Mohan takes the trunk. Ishwar asks him what’s inside. Mohan says its toys. Mohan opens trunk and shows toys. Ishwar goes. Kusum thinks its good Ishwar did not see me, I will see who stops me from fulfilling my dreams. Mohan gets box to tantric. Kusum comes out and sees Shikhar. She lands in her room. Mohan gets shocked seeing the crow and asks how did Kusum become crow. Tantric says you both became owls. Shikhar says welcome, if Mohan took you, it would be my insult, I have swapped trunks, till I m here, even your shadow can’t go out. Tantric says Devanshi’s strength is Shikhar, we have to see him. Shikhar tells Devanshi that he has changed the trunk. Devanshi thanks him and asks him to come for maha aarti. Shikhar smiles.

Mohan asks Kusum to come and see drama later. Lights go. Someone holds Devanshi. She smiles and says Vardaan, anyone will see. The guy tries to hold her. She gets tensed and shouts who is here. Lights come. Vardaan comes and asks what happened. She says someone tried to misbehave with me. Everyone come. She says I could not see face in darkness. Ishwar comes and asks what happened. Mohan hides and thinks I will make Shikhar out of here. Devanshi says I m fine, come for aarti. Ishwar asks her to take rest. She says no, everyone is waiting.

Devanshi does aarti. Vardaan beats Shikhar. Gopi asks what happened. Vardaan asks how dare you touch Devanshi. Kusum goes to tantric to do tapasya. Tantric says you can move anything by doing this tapasya. She says I will increase my powers, and Devanshi will lose powers.

Devanshi says Shikhar can’t do this. Vardaan says I have proof. He shows button and recalls Shikhar’s words. Shikhar defends. Vardaan scolds him. Gopi says you have misbehaved with our Mata, we will not leave him. People get angry. Shikhar cries and signs to Devanshi. He says I m saying truth, I did not do anything, trust me. Devanshi says my heart says Shikhar is innocent, Kusum did this, we have to save Shikhar. Ishwar says its late, Kusum will try to separate everyone supporting you, we have to be careful, villagers are angry and won’t listen to anyone.


Devanshi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Devanshi and Ishwar tell Kusum’s truth by a puppet show.

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