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Devanshi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kalki reacting angrily. Pavan says Kalki is caught up in Kukarmi Devi’s evil. Gopi says we have to save her, else she will be trapped in evil forever. Devanshi says no, don’t say that, we should try to read the burnt papers again. Gopi agrees. Pavan thinks I can’t see Devanshi like this, I will teach a lesson to this woman, I will not keep quiet.

Kusum sees the jewelry and cash. She laughs. Nutan comes and takes the money. She scolds Kusum and says I want money to run the house. Kusum and Nutan argue. Kusum gets angry and says I will kill you. Devanshi says what’s happening. Pavan says see how I trap Kukarmi Devi in this. He records their video. Devanshi tells Kusum to think what will everyone do when they know what you are doing for money greed. Kusum gets shocked. Nutan laughs. Kusum goes. Devanshi laughs. Gopi says you did good, you taught them a lesson. Pavan thinks I m glad seeing her smiling, I promise I won’t let her smile go.

Maya asks Kusum what shall we do now, Pavan has come back and became Devanshi’s strength. Kusum asks her to show some way to get saved, everyone will lose trust on me after seeing the video. Maya says I have thought about it, call the darbar, I will manage. Maya asks Devanshi to see the papers. She says you didn’t do good to upload that video, now Kalki will bear punishment of your mistake, now save Kalki if you can. Devanshi checks the papers and gets shocked. Maya says Mohan is Kalki’s dad, what will you do now, Kalki will have wound on her heart knowing this, you also got such wound in childhood by Sarla. Devanshi recalls Sarla. Maya says you would be thinking how I know this, I m Maya, I know everything, see Kalki’s life can get ruined, now none can save her life.

Gopi asks who has called darbar. Pavan says maybe Devanshi called them to show the video. Kusum gets Kalki there. The people get angry on Kusum. The lady shows the video to Kalki and Kusum. She scolds Kusum and says you will never change, we were fools to believe you. Pavan comes to Devanshi and asks her to see what’s happening, Kusum is getting insulted because of that video. Devanshi says I didn’t call that darbar, Maya called them, she wants to ruin Kalki’s life. She asks him to read the papers. Pavan gets shocked. She says Mohan is Kalki’s dad, they will refuse to accept her as Mata and make her live a life of darkness, how will she get affected by all this. Kalki asks the people to get quiet, how can they say this to her mum. Gopi says you don’t know Kusum, she is very clever, she did all this to get money, she made Kalki sit on the Mata throne, see how she was fighting for money with Nutan. The ladies get angry on Kusum. Maya asks them to calm down and gets the envelop having Mohan’s truth.

She scolds Kusum for ruining Kalki’s childhood for her greed. She says if this girl is not Maiyya’s ansh. The lady says we will throw them out of the village forever. Maya says there is one more truth, I want to tell it to you all. Devanshi stops her and says I will tell that to everyone. She tells everyone that she made Nutan do all this to defame Kusum. Maya smiles. Gopi and Nutan get shocked. Kusum sees Maya. The lady asks Devanshi why did you fool us. Kusum cries and starts her drama. Gopi asks Devanshi why is she lying, why is she making villagers against her. Devanshi says I m saying truth to them, I did this to end this tradition of Mata. Kusum scolds Devanshi.

Maya says you are Mata Kalki, you see how Devanshi has given sorrow to Kusum, you should punish Devanshi, she should stay as Kusum’s maid for a day. Kalki punishes Devanshi. Devanshi looks at Maya. Pavan says no, Devanshi did this to save you, she can’t do wrong with anyone, you should take right decision, I recorded this video.

Kalki says fine, you have to become servant of Kusum. He agrees. Maya says maybe he is lying to save Devanshi. Pavan apologizes to Kusum and says I m ready to become your servant. He thinks to trouble Kusum now.


Devanshi 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum asks Kalki to walk and show. Kalki says I m tired, I won’t do this. She comes and tells Devanshi that Kusum doesn’t let her sleep. Devanshi sends Kalki to sleep and challenges Maya.

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