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Devanshi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi crying that she has to bear pain always, whenever she sees everything got fine, something bad happens. Pavan holds her. She says you saved me, but I can’t forget your deceive, we will not have any relation. She goes. Pavan looks on. Devanshi goes to temple. She asks Maiyya to give her all sorrow which is in her fate. She shouts and argues. Kalki plays flute and smiles. Devanshi asks her what are you doing here. Kalki says you have left me here, where will I go, take me home, you promised to feed me butter, come. Devanshi leaves with Kalki.

Pavan talks to his mum and says Devanshi’s love made me mad, and I went against her, but I love her and can’t live without her. His mum asks him to promise he will always be with his love. He promises he won’t hurt Devanshi, he loves her a lot, he will do everything for her happiness, he wants to see her smiling.

Devanshi brings Kalki home. Gopi and Nutan ask where are Vardaan and Pavan. Nutan asks what happened to Mohan. Devanshi says Mohan is in hospital, fighting between life and death, Vardaan is arrested by police for attacking Mohan. Kusum gets beaten up. Pavan looks on and thinks this is nothing in front of what she did with Devanshi. She asks him to save her. He scolds her. He gives her a tiffin as gift. She says I m very hungry, try to get me out of here. She screams seeing scorpions in tiffin. He thinks I can give you pain and lessen Devanshi’s pain. Nutan says locker keys are missing. Gopi asks where did you keep it. She asks don’t you know it. He says maybe its around. Kalki shows keys and asks are you finding this. Nutan calls her thief and asks her to give keys. Kalki runs and calls them old. Nutan asks Kalki to leave keys. Kalki laughs. She says I did not steal keys, I found this on ground. Nutan scolds her. Devanshi warns Nutan against insulting Kalki. She asks Kalki not to worry. Gopi says we have to think of Vardaan, if anything happens to Mohan, Vardaan can get hanged.

Kalki says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Vardaan. Gopi says trust Maiyya Devanshi. Devanshi refuses. Kalki asks why are you angry on Maiyya, when you love her. Devanshi says I don’t love anyone. Kalki says we get angry with our loved ones, you are annoyed with Maiyya, it means you love Maiyya, she will save Vardaan. Devanshi gets a call and says Mohan is out of danger, he is in coma. Kalki says I told you Maiyya won’t let anything happen to Vardaan, as she knows you love Vardaan. She plays flute and smiles. Devanshi looks on.

Constable gets food for Kusum. She eats the food and stops constable. She gives her gold chain. Constable asks are you thinking to bribe me and run away. Kusum says stop, I just want to make a call. Kusum recalls her old time and thinks she has to beg to people now. Devanshi shows Ishwar’s pic to Kalki and says he is my Lord. Kalki says Ishwar also does maiyya’s puja, I guesses this, am I wrong. Devanshi says no. Kalki says it means you also believe Maiyya is your Lord. Devanshi says we will find your mumma tomorrow. Pavan says I will help you, talk to me, I can’t bear your silence. Devanshi says whoever I believed in life just cheated me, please go from here. Pavan says I don’t trust Kusum, she can do anything, please try to understand.

Devanshi says you cheated me as a friend, by what relation will you stay here, go from here and forget everything. She goes. Kalki makes a bond with Pavan and says you are my brother from today, now you can stay in this house, Devanshi should give you a chance. Devanshi says never and goes. Pavan says thanks, I won’t do such mistake again, I will support you till your mum is found. He hugs her and smiles.


Devanshi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi stops people from snatching Kalki’s childhood and innocence.

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