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Devanshi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum lying to everyone that she has got the Maiyya idol back. Gopi praises her and chants Maiyya’s name. Menka and Nutan argue. Kusum asks the manager about Kalki. He says she has arrived. He goes to Devanshi and asks will she visit temple first. She refuses and enters the house. She thinks her past and thinks the Devanshi entering here is different, my motive is to take revenge of my child’s death. Mohan says I think the woman is old and her husband left much money for her, she got old and came to buy haveli. The light goes.

Mohan thinks who is coming. Devanshi comes. He shouts ghost. They all get shocked. Kusum thinks Devanshi’s death and thinks how did she come back in this avatar. Devanshi asks manager are they mad or what. He asks them why are they shocked seeing Kalki. Kusum asks Kalki? Devanshi asks what’s this way to welcome any guest. Vardaan comes and gets shocked seeing her. They recall each other’s moments. Vardaan calls her Devanshi. She asks him to stay in limits, he looks educated. He asks her to answer how did she come back, is this mental hospital, look at everybody.

Vardaan says my eyes can never be wrong, you are Devanshi. She asks who is this Devanshi. Menka, Mohan and Nutan say you are Devanshi. She asks them to shut up, she is not Devanshi, she is Kalki Shah, why shall I give you proof, I don’t care. Vardaan says you will give proof, Devanshi had her sister’s name on her hand. He checks and does not see the name tattoo. She scolds him. Kusum says this can get erased, I have seen a mark on Devanshi’s back, it will be there, check. Menka says I will check. Devanshi asks her to stop.

Manager asks Kusum what’s happening. Kusum says its not our mistake, her face matches with our bahu Devanshi. Devanshi says now I get that, he has become devdas after his wife left him, I m not your wife. Mohan says check the mark on her back. Vardaan stops him and asks him to be in his limits, will he check her back in front of everyone. Nutan and Menka insist and take Devanshi. Devanshi asks them not to touch her. He turns to them. Mohan says I m getting mad thinking this. Kusum says how did that girl get saved. Devanshi comes. Menka says there is no mark on her back. Devanshi says you did good welcome, what can be more insulting than this, I will see you and take revenge from you all. Vardaan says I hate this face, Lord gave it to you by mistake. He says I don’t care, I don’t find your character good. Mohan says she was a clever and characterless woman, she married Vardaan and had another man’s child. Devanshi slaps him.

She says there was mosquito on your face, it got killed, where is the welcome party. She asks Vardaan to get habitual. She asks Kusum to show the house. Kusum asks me? Devanshi says yes, I bought house from you. Kusum gets angry. Devanshi laughs and says you are amusing me, you are cursing me in heart.

Kusum says no, come I wills how the house. She shows the room. Devanshi says the room is stinking, who stayed here. Kusum says Devanshi used to stay here but we cleaned the room. Devanshi asks her to change her room. Kusum asks about payment. Devanshi says you will get your money, leave, get a black coffee without sugar. Kusum goes. Devanshi cries and says they are responsible for my child’s death, I will take revenge from them in different avatars, I will show them they are facing Kalki, who came to teach them a lesson.


Devanshi 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi says temple door and wall will break. Vardaan asks why will it break. Devanshi says there won’t be any temple, I m planning to setup a textile mill here.