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Devanshi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on

This Episode Start with Devanshi tells Vardaan that she is Devanshi, not Sakshi. He gets shocked.

The Episode starts with Kusum’s brother throwing oil on Devanshi. She falls down. The man says they can’t do anything. Vardaan scolds Kusum’s brother for throwing oil. Kusum’s brother says problems will increase in second chance. Vardaan says they will slip by oil. Vardaan says its fine, leave it, good try, you can get hurt. She says no, I m not one of those who accepts failure, the soil of Jwalapuri has much strength, if we apply this, we will not lose, we will try again, but not lose. She asks the girls to apply soil to their body. Vardaan smiles seeing her confidence.

Devanshi tries again and gets on the pyramid. The women cheer for her. Devanshi holds the matki. Vardaan says come on, you can do it. Kusum and everyone look on. Devanshi takes the coconut and breaks matki. Everyone gets shocked. Vardaan, Sakshi and people smile and clap. Kusum, Nutan, Kusum’s brother look on. Kusum gives prize to Devanshi. She asks minister to give 50000rs prize to girls to encourage them. Minister gives the prize. Vardaan says a girl made the village’s head high, won’t you all clap. They all clap.

The women praise Devanshi. Devanshi distributes money among girls and asks them to always try, one who tries never fails. Devanshi comes home. She says I have earned some place in villagers’ heart, that day is not far when I wash all stains on my name. Sakshi asks are you fine. Devanshi says yes. Vardaan says you should have thanked me, you can thank me now, you could have not done this without my help. She says I had to thank, but now I won’t. He asks Sakshi to see. Sakshi asks her to say thanks to him.

Devanshi says I will say when I want. Sakshi says thank him first. Devanshi refuses. Sakshi says thank him, else I will throw this money. Devanshi says we have to get tv fridge by this money for you. Sakshi says say thanks to Vardaan. Devanshi says fine. Vardaan sits. She thanks him. He asks her to say from within. She shouts thank you. Sakshi goes. He says you look a heart touching fairy when you say thanks. She looks at him. Piya re…..plays……

Kaka comes and invites Devanshi for party. He says I called everyone who showed courage today, its small party, but I m very glad, you and your sister have to come. Vardaan asks when shall I come. Kaka says you be at home, its girl’s day today. She says yes, there are some people who give respect to girls by heart, I will come.

Kusum thinks of Devanshi and says how can Sakshi fail me, I feel their souls changed after 14 years, the people were clapping for Sakshi, if mad Devanshi gets fine, my reign can fall, I can’t let this happen. Nutan comes and asks did you not eat anything till now. Kusum asks her to take all sweets. Nutan says don’t worry, women are praising Sakshi just one day, its my belief, I want the women to scold Sakshi, I have a great idea.

Vardaan comes to Sakshi and sees her sleeping. Devanshi is on bathroom and asks Sakshi to give towel, shut door, that duffer can come inside, tell him I m having bath, don’t open the door, give towel. Vardaan passes towel to her. She says leave the towel. She comes out wiping her hair. She asks how did you come inside. He says by door. They argue.

He says if I did not come, how would I give you towel. She asks how dare you. He says I gave you from outside, did I give by coming inside, you should have taken towel along. She asks don’t you forget anything. He reminds going in Kaka’s party. He goes. Devanshi says he has no shame to give towel. She wakes up Sakshi. He thinks why am I getting mad seeing her.

Devanshi and Sakshi get ready. Vardaan compliments them. Devanshi says you are saying to my sister and looking at me, you can come along if you want, you also encouraged me to win. He says this rude woman praised me, I can’t digest, I want to come, but if I come, all girls will give attention to me, go and live your life, don’t stare at me else… She asks what else… He says else you will fall in love. Piya re…..plays………..


Devanshi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi is drunk. Vardaan stops her and asks did you get mad, you are drunk. She says you can’t imagine who am I. He asks who are you. She says I m not Sakshi, I m Devanshi. He gets shocked.

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