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Devanshi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with villager lady asking Gopi and Nutan to ask Devanshi to become their village head again. Gopi says sorry, she has changed, she won’t be interested now. The lady asks him to talk to Devanshi once. Nutan says anyone can become Mata from our family. She goes to sit on throne. Gopi stops her. The lady scolds Nutan for fooling them. Nutan argues. Gopi asks Nutan to be thankful to Maiyya for sparing her. The lady asks them to discuss and decide who will sit on the throne.

Devanshi takes Kalki to find her parents. Pavan comes there and says I will also come along. Kalki asks Devanshi to let him come, what if the car breaks down on the way. Devanshi agrees. Pavan drives the car. Kalki says we are going for big work, can this happen without Maiyya’s blessings. Pavan says yes, come to temple. Devanshi thinks I will not step in that temple where just injustice happened with me. She says no, we won’t go temple, we will directly go to village. The ladies talk to Gopi about making Kalki the Mata, she is also Maiyya’s blessings. The people ask him to call Kalki. Gopi says she is not here, she has gone to find her mum with Devanshi, this can’t happen. The car stops near the temple. Devanshi asks why did you stop car here. Pavan says it stopped on its own. She says don’t lie, I know you stopped the car. She checks the car. Kalki says maybe Maiyya wants to meet you so she stopped the car here.

The lady says Kalki is our Mata from today. Kalki asks Devanshi to come with her. Devanshi says I will wait for you here. Pavan says I will go with her inside the temple. Devanshi asks do you have to repair the car or shall I do it myself. Kalki gets sad and goes. The ladies ask for Kalki. Kalki comes there.

Gopi asks Kalki how did she come here. The lady says Kalki touched my bahu yesterday and she got pregnant, she was childless for many years, this girl also came from hundi, Maiyya has sent her as heir. They all call her Mata. Kalki says Devanshi is waiting for me outside. They all tell her that Maiyya has sent her to become Mata and do their good. Gopi says just Devanshi can do right now. Pavan asks Devanshi to go to temple as she has gone there many times, Maiyya has sent Kalki to save her on time. Gopi comes to Devanshi and says Kalki……

The lady does rituals with Kalki. Devanshi comes and stops the ladies. She says I won’t let them do the same with you, you all can’t snatch her childhood, she will not become any Mata. She throws the things down. Nutan says you have insulted this temple, Maiyya and idol. Devanshi says what did you all get doing all this, you are still uneducated and poor. Animals are better than you all, atleast they think for their good and don’t repeat mistakes, Kusum has looted you all by this blind belief, even then you all want to be blind. She asks them to think of the rules Kusum made for their greed. The lady says Kusum was wrong, but this tradition is not wrong. Devanshi asks when did your Maiyya talk to you, why did she just talk to Kusum, do you have any answer.

Pavan agrees with Devanshi and asks them to answer, will their sins get less if they make Kalki their Mata. Devanshi reminds how many fasts and puja she did for them, but they did not support her when time got bad, what respect they had for her. Kalki says Maiyya wants you all to make present better, I think you all did not try to understand Maiyya by true heart ever. Devanshi says she is saying right. The lady asks what about Maiyya’s puja, who will do all this.

Kalki puts flowers on the lady and says you all do this with Maiyya, see how bad she feels, you all trouble Maiyya on the name of belief and devotion. Pavan and Gopi smile. Kalki asks them why are they silent now. Pavan says this little girl understood this and you all did not, you should be ashamed. Devanshi says I will not let you do any business on Lord’s name, there will be no blind belief in Jwalapuri now, there will be no chadava and daan now, no girl will not serve you all in this temple, there will be no other Devanshi here. Devanshi puts the kerosene and burns the hundi. She takes Kalki and leaves from there.


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