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Devanshi 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan thinking of Devanshi. Menka holds her. He pushes her and asks her to leave. She says its me Menka. He apologizes to her. He says how dare Kalki talk to me like this. Kusum says look at her, she insulted me. Mohan says how can she look like Devanshi. She says there are six people of same face in the world, its written in the Shastras. He says one thing is confirmed, you look very beautiful in anger. She says I m very angry. Vardaan says her face reminds me of Devanshi and her cheat, she is so ill mannered, she will be here all the time, what will happen of me, I will recall everything, my life will be hell. He goes. Mohan asks Kusum not to get angry. Kusum says I will bear this till we get money. Mohan says I still have full doubts, how can she be same to Devanshi.

Its morning, Menka argues with Kusum. Kalki taunts Vardaan. He asks her not to judge him, don’t take Devanshi’s name. She says when did I take her name. She throws the food. They all get shocked. She asks is this food, will I have such oily food, I want pasta and garlic bread right now. Nutan says this is house, not any hotel.

Vardaan asks her to eat what’s given. Devanshi says just shut up, I m the owner of the house, you won’t tell me anything. Kusum stops Vardaan. She asks Kalki what will she have, she will make it. Devanshi asks her to get pasta. Kusum asks Vardaan to go to room, I will send breakfast there. Devanshi asks him to learn something from her. He goes.

Kusum follows the recipe online and makes pasta. She says I hope this gets cooked soon. Menka asks is this not ready, Kalki is shouting. Kusum says I m making it. Gopi talks to Devanshi and says Kusum will learn the recipe and then cook, she does not know cooking. She asks is she mad to go to kitchen if she does not know cooking, go and help her. He asks how can I go. She asks will your male ego get hurt.

Kusum gets the pasta and asks Devanshi to have it. She asks about money. Devanshi asks money again, lock me in room, I will not run away, let me have breakfast. Devanshi tastes it and spits. She gets angry on Kusum. She goes. Mohan says she is jumping in different avatar. Servant goes to Devanshi and asks her to tell him if she needs anything. Devanshi thinks its right time to go to Ishwar’s room and meet him. She asks him to show the house. Mohan and Kusum keep an eye on her.

Devanshi goes ahead. Servant shows Ishwar’s room. Mohan says she will go inside, when she sees garland on Ishwar’s pic, her emotions will come out, we will know she is Devanshi. Devanshi sees Ishwar’s pic with garland and gets shocked. Mohan says she did not enter the house. Mohan says eyes don’t lie, we will see tears in her eyes. Devanshi’s phone rings. Kusum says this is my husband’s room, he is no more. Devanshi says sad… Kusum says he got a heart attack, Devanshi is responsible for this. Devanshi says I have no time for this and goes.

Mohan says this girl is not Devanshi. Kusum says its good, maybe she gives money in temple, we will go there. Devanshi goes to room and shuts door. She cries for Ishwar. She recalls Ishwar and thinks where did you go leaving me, just you were there with whom I could share every sorrow, Maiyya made me an orphan again, whatever I m today and doing this is because of you, you named all your property to me, you died because of my defamation, I will take revenge from all of them. She sees Ishwar’s pic and cries. She thinks she will not waste the money and use it right now, this is her promise.

Devanshi asks manager to take the permissions for building, break the wall and cover temple area, servants room will break, temple door will break first. They all get shocked. Vardaan asks her what does she mean, why will temple door break. Devanshi says what will door do when there is no temple, I m planning to setup a textile mill here. He asks did you go mad, who gave you right to break temple. She shows papers. Kusum checks it. Devanshi says this land is mine, I m the owner of the land, I will decide what will be made here, I have decided this temple won’t be here. They get shocked.


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