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Devanshi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Devanshi you will watch Devanshi is drunk. Vardaan stops her and asks did you get mad, you are drunk. She says you can’t imagine who am I. He asks who are you. She says I m not Sakshi, I m Devanshi. He gets shocked. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Devanshi joking off hearing Vardaan’s words. She says love with a guy like you, I will jump in river and die if such bad days come. He smiles and thinks am I mad, she is Sakshi, not Devanshi, there can’t be any connection with her. Gopi comes home drunk. Nutan asks him how did he drink and come. He goes. She thinks now this wine will ruin Devanshi’s character. Kusum says I wish Nutan succeeds to spoil Devanshi’s name, we have less time, everyone is talking. Vardaan is staying with them and one of them can trap him. Kusum’s brother says then one of them will become your bahu, Nutan will do the work. She argues. He says I m not your servant, don’t talk to me in high tone, you used to fool people by showing small magical tricks.

She asks him to get lost. He says you forgot I saved you when Devanshi got the video, if I did not out Geeta’s face in video, then you would have died, so give respect to me. She asks him to shut up. He says your heart has fear of Devanshi, because she failed you every time, now even her sister is troubling you, you are worried if any one of them becomes your bahu, what will happen of you, your son is young, and those girls are young too, when they get close, you won’t know. She shouts shut up, get out. He asks her to face the truth. She shouts on him. He leaves.

Devanshi and all the women are with Kaka. The women say we got courage because of you, we used to get scared, you got respect for us, we can use the money we won, thanks Sakshi. Devanshi smiles. Sakshi comes and takes samosa from them. They get scared. Sakshi asks shall I eat you all and jumps. Devanshi asks her to apologize. Sakshi shouts sorry.

Devanshi says sorry, I know you will accept my sister one day, all blames on Devanshi will get cleared. Kaka says that day will surely come. Nutan says so party is going on here. Kaka asks why did you come here. Nutan says I came running here, knowing about victory, men do not want women to go ahead, but I swear, I m very happy for all women.

She says maybe everyone is against you, you did a big thing, so I came to attend this party. Devanshi smiles. Everyone praise her. Nutan goes and spikes the drink for Devanshi. She gets the drinks. She says have this juice Sakshi, its for your win, don’t be shy. Devanshi drinks. Nutan thinks this drink will show colors now, I will prove you wrong in front of everyone. Kusum says great Nutan, you succeeded to make Sakshi drink wine, now everyone who is praising her, will hate her. Golu comes and holds her feet, thanking her. She asks why. He says you made girls compete today instead guys, you saved my respect, I would have lost, Nutan always makes me compete with Vardaan, but I know I have no comparison with him, he is my elder brother. She gets angry. He thanks her and goes. She says Nutan wants to make Golu sit in Vardaan’s place, I will not let her dreams turn true.

Devanshi and Sakshi come home. Devanshi laughs. Sakshi asks why are you laughing. Devanshi says don’t know, we will laugh together. They laugh. Sakshi runs. Devanshi falls down and gets hurt. She sees a wine bottle and says Vardaan, I will throw all your bottles today. Vardaan asks what are you doing. She says don’t act innocent, I know everything, where you have hidden the bottles. I will throw all bottles. He asks are you mad, leave it. She throws wine on ground. She says you have to stay in my house, you will not have wine here. He checks her and says you have drunk wine and telling me, I m hurt, I can’t believe you drink, you could have told me, we would have made peg together. She asks are you mad, you think I will drink such bad thing. He says don’t act smart, your mouth is stinking. She says I had samosa and juice, not wine. He says shameless, you are lying, I can’t imagine you are same Sakshi. He says yes, you can’t imagine who am I. He asks who are you.

She says I will say, and goes to shut door. She stumbles and holds her. She looks around and says I lied to you, I have hidden big truth from you, I m not Sakshi, I m Devanshi. He gets shocked.

Devanshi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi sees her parents’ pic and cries. Vardaan picks the pic. Nutan and other women come, and knock the door. Kusum says I have to make Vardaan out of Devanshi’s house.

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