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Devanshi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Menka coming to meet Kusum. She makes fun of Kusum. Kusum gets scolding Menka. Menka asks why did you call me. Kusum asks her to find about a little girl, its very imp. Menka asks what is my profit. Kusum says I will clear your name from police record, the girl has run from orphanage, she is 9-10 years old. Menka says fine, I will try to find out. Devanshi asks lady why is she taking Kalki around, they came to ask about her parents. The lady says she has run away from here, who are you. Devanshi says relations are also by humanity, help us if you can else its fine, Kalki will stay with me till she gets her mum. The lady says there is legal process to take her. Pavan says fine, make documents ready I take her responsibility, I will find her out. He shows the ad in newspaper. Devanshi thanks him. They leave.

Menka meets Kusum and says I m still trying. Kusum says I have to know that girl’s truth at any cost. Menka says I want Vardaan and property papers for this work. Kusum says I have to get out of here, help me right now, I will help you later, promise.

Devanshi and everyone see Mohan. Nutan says he should have been in hospital. Gopi says Mohan has to get fine, if we have to save Vardaan, I didn’t have any option, just Mohan can get Vardaan out of jail. Kalki sees Mohan. Devanshi cries. Kalki asks her to save Vardaan. Devanshi says I can’t save him. Kalki says Maiyya can do this, you pray to her. Devanshi says I don’t have to ask Maiyya, I have no relation with her. Pavan says broken relations can be joined, just Maiyya can help you, its sad if any prayers are made with a true heart, its answered. Kalki goes and sits praying. Devanshi says its strange, that we have to pray for saving a bad man to save a good man. Doctor checks Mohan. Nutan says this girl is like you. Devanshi says don’t make her great to ruin her life like mine, let her live a normal girl’s life. Pavan says whatever, I m sure Maiyya’s blessings are with her.

Gopi asks doctor to see Mohan is getting conscious. He comes and tells this to Devanshi. He says Mohan is out of coma, doctor said its not less than any miracle. Devanshi sees Kalki. Nutan says its because of Maiyya’s blessings. Devanshi asks her to end this matter here. Kalki prays flute. She says Maiyya heard my blessing, so I have played flute to please her, you also pray to her, I m sure Maiyya will save Vardaan. Its morning, Gopi gets Vardaan freed from police station. Kalki comes and smiles. Gopi says its because of her prayers that you got bail today. Vardaan says strange, one who has no relation with me is praying for me. She says Devanshi will be glad seeing you. He says I m sure she won’t be glad, I will come home, but I have some imp work.

Pavan says Devanshi, Vardaan got the bail, he went somewhere else, he will come home, I know I did wrong, you can’t forgive me, I m really repenting. She says its better if we don’t talk about this. He says I hope Vardaan and you stay happy always. Kusum says I knew you will come to meet me. Vardaan scolds her. He says I need your help to take revenge from Devanshi, are you shocked, Devanshi has played this game, I need your help, she has taken Ishwar’s property and thinks she will enjoy with Pavan, I will take the property back and ruin her. Kusum gets shocked and asks what’s your plan.

A lady acts as Kalki’s mum and asks Pavan and Devanshi where is she. She tells them that her family told her about Kalki. She cooks a story. Pavan asks her does she have any proof. The lady gets an old nurse and says she is the hospital nurse who gave baby to orphanage. She asks them to check proof. Kalki comes. The lady hugs and kisses her. She says I m your mum, will you come with me.

Menka meets Kusum and says your work is happening. Kusum gives her note and takes the keys. Menka reads Vardaan is against Devanshi, this is the time to trap him in love. Kalki says you won’t like me going away right. Devanshi says how will I like it, your mum has come, I wish bad doesn’t happen with you, there was none to make me meet my mum, but you have me. Kalki asks her to forgive Pavan. Devanshi refuses. Kalki says how can you forget how much Pavan did for you, he saved you and took care of you, you are annoyed with Vardaan as he has forgotten what you did for him, you are doing same with Pavan, you are repeating mistake, you need a friend too, he cares for you as family.


Devanshi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum says I have found a way to leave from here. She thinks I have to do something to stop that girl. Kalki gets kidnapped. Devanshi and Pavan get Kalki’s bangles and look for her.