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Devanshi 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 18th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Vardaan making Ishwar sit on wheelchair. Ishwar says lets go. Sarla enters room and says who said that just come. Vardaan says I said it. Sarla says no, it can’t be you and Devanshi. Vardaan asks what do you mean, Papa said that, I wish he said it. She says maybe, it was you. She goes. Devanshi argues with Vardaan for not locking the door. Ishwar asks them to take him to Geeta first, I have to reveal big thing on Maha Ashtami. They leave.

Sarla asks Kusum did you call me. Kusum says I want prove that you have Geeta. Sarla says why will I lie to you and invite trouble. Kusum says then tell me. Sarla says fine, make me leave the house, then see what I do. Kusum says till you handover Geeta to me, Omi will not come out of jail, tomorrow you will get Geeta. Sarla thinks what to do, shall I tell Kusum about my doubt on Ishwar. She says I felt…. Kusum asks what. Sarla thinks Kusum can make fun of me. Sarla says Geeta will be in front of you. Kusum says its good for you, else it will be your loss, I will win tomorrow.

Vardaan wakes up Geeta. Geeta gets shocked seeing Ishwar. Devanshi says Ishwar got fine. Geeta takes his blessings. He asks Devanshi and Vardaan to go out. Vardaan says the woman’s name will be known to all, your parents’ murderer will get punished. She says when the culprit get punished, I will get burden free. He asks will you leave from here and go to your old house. She says maybe yes, will you feel upset when I leave, tell me, will you miss me. He says no, why will I feel bad. She sees his face and says look at me and say, you are lying. He says no, why will I lie. She says you are upset already. He says no, I don’t need you. He falls down. She laughs. He smiles seeing her. She gives her hand and says hold my hand. She helps him. She says now I know you will need me, I will not go away from you.

Ishwar says I know truth since long and could not do anything. Geeta says I can understand your pain. He says kids should not know this, if they say anything by mistake, our plan will fail, call Ashutosh in temple to marry Rajjo, tell him not to tell anyone. She asks will Kusum get punished for killing my husband. He says yes, none can save her now.

Rajjo gets Ashutosh’s call. She says you know Ishwar… He says Geeta told me everything and called me to temple. She asks Geeta…. Nutan hears this and asks Geeta, what are you saying. Rajjo ends call and says my friend was telling she has seen someone like Geeta, but it was someone else. Nutan says Geeta will be caught. She looks at Rajjo and thinks how did Rajjo agree to marry Malik, she is upto something. She goes.

Servants get gas cylinders. Geeta hides and prays. Kusum comes there. Geeta thinks why is Kusum doing this. Kusum says keep cylinders around temple, I will tell what to do. She thinks Devanshi and none could think what will happen tomorrow. Geeta informs Ishwar about cylinders, Kusum is doing something wrong. Vardaan asks what is Geeta saying. Ishwar says she is telling something else. He sends Vardaan and Devanshi. He shuts door and it does not get shut right. He tells Geeta that they have to do something, when Malik and Rajjo’s marriage starts, I will stand on my feet and expose Kusum in front of Jwalapuri. Sarla sees Ishwar on his feet and talking. She gets shocked.

Ishwar says Kusum’s true face will come out in front of world, Vardaan and Devanshi will also know who ruined their happiness. Sarla thinks my doubt was right, this old man is going to expose Kusum. Sarla comes to Kusum. She says your bad time is going to come. Kusum asks how. Sarla says something is happening which you did not see. Kusum asks what. Sarla says Geeta has run away. Kusum asks what. She holds Sarla’s neck. Sarla says shut the door, your time is not going good, if anyone comes, you will face problem. Kusum asks how did Geeta run. Sarla shuts the door.

Kusum asks what are you doing instead apologizing. Sarla says I have big thing to tell you, that can ruin you. Kusum asks is Devanshi going to do something. Sarla says kind of. She shows her sindoor and throws it in air. She says Devanshi succeeded to make Ishwar fine, he can walk and talk too, Geeta is supporting them, they are going to tell your truth to village. Kusum gets shocked.


Devanshi 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum thinks this day is waiting for Devanshi with a big shock. Devanshi takes Ishwar to temple and says very soon we will win, truth will be out.

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