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Devanshi 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying she has bought the land from someone, she has no time to give details. Vardaan tears the papers. Devanshi says you have torn the paper, but can’t snatch my rights on this land, everything will be as per plan, mill will be mad, temple will break, stop me if you can. She asks him to stay away, she will not bear anything. Vardaan says I did not see such a shameless woman till now. She says you are misbehaving with me and calling me shameless. Lady asks her is she not scared of Maiyya. Devanshi asks what will I get scared of this idol, let me tell you all, I got this idol back. They all get shocked. Vardaan says stop lying, my mum got this here.

Kusum says enough, we will not bear any insult on Maiyya’s name. Devanshi says what’s lie, I got this idol. Mohan says your manager said she did not know about the idol. Manager says yes, madam told me she has bought the idol and got it here. Kusum says I got it back by my powers. Devanshi asks her why did she get it in truck then. Vardaan asks who are you to ask this. Kusum says she did not give us money for house till now and is lying about the temple.

Devanshi asks don’t you think you are getting mad for money, I m not going to give any money, everything is mine, this temple and that house where you stay. They get shocked. Devanshi says before you get shocked, I will tell everything, you wont get any money. She asks them to read the property papers.

Vardaan says you are a fraud. Mohan says I will get these papers checked. He goes. Devanshi says you do your work, I will do my work. Kusum says I will throw you out of the village. Devanshi says I will not go anywhere. Kusum talks to Vardaan. He says this temple will be here, my mum promised. He asks the villagers to trust Kusum, this temple won’t break. Devanshi says I m a businesswoman can do anything for my profits.

Nutan says I m scared. Gopi asks what would we do, we have to pay for our deeds, I told everyone not to kill pregnant woman, no one heard me, if Devanshi was thrown out, we would have not seen this day, let me go to advocate with Mohan, we will know papers are true or not. Menka opens a bag and gets punched/ Nutan laughs on her.

Gopi asks Vardaan did he know anything. Vardaan says I m trying to get info about Kalki, her parents and background, what did this happen, she bought one part of this house and now saying entire house is hers. Gopi says I m worried for villagers, if this temple is snatched from them, they can kill us, they are angry on Kusum. Vardana says don’t know Kusum handles this or not.

Nutan says this guy is big baba, he makes spirits go. The guy says my research is scientific, I realized there is some spirit here, you don’t need to worry, no ghost can trouble you, I have to roam out here and finish that spirit. Kusum asks Mohan to reach advocate and call her. She laughs and says when will I get rid of Devanshi, she went and this girl came. She recalls Kalki’s words.

The guy says I will have the spirit here, there is a spirit in this house, she is dangerous. They see Kusum. Kusum asks what’s happening. The guy uses a device and attracts Kusum. He says this is that spirit. Gopi says how can this happen, she is…. He tries to stop the device and unplugs. Kusum gets angry and asks what’s all this. Gopi says this baba came to make spirit out. Kusum says fool, I m wearing this gold and got pulled to this magnet. The guy runs. She asks Gopi to go to Mohan and talk to advocate. The guy calls Devanshi and says I did as you said. Devanshi smiles.


Devanshi 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi asks manager to make Vardaan and Gopi try the clothes. She taunts Vardaan on his attitude. She argues with Kusum and calls Vardaan a puppet of Kusum.