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Devanshi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Devanshi you will watch Devanshi sees her parents’ pic and cries. Vardaan picks the pic. Nutan and other women come, and knock the door. Kusum says I have to make Vardaan out of Devanshi’s house. Stay Tune with us .

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying she is Devanshi, not Sakshi. Vardaan falls down and laughs. She asks what happened, why did you stumble, are you drunk. He asks are you mad. She says you are mad. He says if you are drunk, you think everyone will drink wine, I had drunk bhaang on holi, because I m very happy this time, Devanshi was with me after many years, so what if world calls her mad, I will lock everyone’s mouth and take care of Devanshi, I will make her like before.

Nutan tells women that Sakshi had added wine and drunk, I was shocked and could not tell anyone, I thought Sakshi is good, but my trust broke, now I m sure the sisters came here to spread dirt, they both are characterless. The lady says Sakshi is pure gold, she encouraged me. Other lady says no, Sakshi is also dangerous like Devanshi. Nutan says we will go and see them. They all go.

Vardaan asks why did you become so irritating, in all these years, you took care of my Devanshi. He says when I come close to you, don’t know what happens to me and why. He asks what were you saying me. She asks what. He says you said you are saying something. She says I don’t remember. He says I have an idea, you turn and think in left side, I will turn and think in right side. She says good idea. They sit and think. They don’t remember.

Nutan and women come. Nutan knocks door and calls out Sakshi. Vardaan tells her to open door. Devanshi asks him to open door. Sakshi says why are you two sitting like this, is this new game, you both did not call me. She hears Nutan. Nutan asks are you deaf. She says maybe Sakshi is drunk, its so shameless. The lady says no, its a lie. Nutan says fine, we will check. She takes rod to open door. Sakshi opens door. Nutan falls down and says I m gone, my waist is broken.

Devanshi comes and asks how did you fall, get up. Vardaan comes. Nutan sees Devanshi is normal. Vardaan asks what happened. Devanshi asks why are you staring at me. Vardaan asks what are you doing here. The lady says Nutan was saying…. Nutan says Sakshi made women’s name shine, so I came to say, if Sakshi needs anything, I m there. Vardaan says you were eager to say this, that you broke the door. Nutan says you both were not opening door, so I was worried, why did you not open the door for long.

Devanshi says we were tired and slept, maybe we did not hear. Nutan says fine, we will leave now. Vardaan asks Nutan to take her stick. Nutan and women leave. Devanshi shuts door. Sakshi says you both were acting kiddish, like I did, when I had drunk that wine, see I m so smart, I remember, you made me eat curd and I got fine, so I made you two eat curd, so that you both get fine.

Vardaan says admit it you have drunk it, even I had bhaang. Devanshi says I did not drink. He asks then did you get drunk by water. Devanshi hugs Sakshi and says you saved me, if they saw me drunk, it would be big thing, all trust earned would have ended. Vardaan asks what were we talking. Sakshi says I did not understand. Vardaan says now accept it. Devanshi says no, I did not drink.

Kusum asks how did she not drink. Nutan says I don’t know. Kusum scolds her. Nutan says give me one chance more. Kusum asks her to get lost. Nutan says I have seen Vardaan and got worried. Kusum asks what worry. Nutan says Vardaan is getting closer to them, Devanshi is mad and he is taking care of her, but he is getting close to Sakshi. Kusum recalls Vardaan and Devanshi. Nutan says he is young and can slip, if Vardaan and Sakshi…. Kusum says shut up, don’t dare to feed wrong things in my mind, get out, you control your dreams to make Golu sit in my place, I did not die that you started this. Nutan goes. Kusum thinks to get Vardaan out of that house, now I have to take this in my hands.

Devanshi sees her parents pic, and thinks of Sakshi. She says help me, I can’t bear this blame, Sakshi and I want to live with peace. The picture flies. She goes to pick it. Vardaan picks the pic and says its Devanshi’s parents’ pic, why are you crying. She says nothing, she had this pic and slept, so I was keeping it, she missed her parents a lot. He says I know, I remember the moment when Devanshi got to know they are her real parents, she cried a lot that day, I was just seeing, I thought to do something for her, to go and save her parents to get them to her, but I could not do anything. He sees her crying. She turns.

He says sometimes I feel, you got all attributes of Devanshi. Devanshi says no, she is my sister, I m taking care of her, that’s why. He gives pic and goes. She cries and thinks you are taking much care of me, what am I doing, I m hiding big truth from you.

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