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Devanshi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum shouting Devanshi, you spoiled my tapasya. She hits a fire ball and says you can’t defame me in front of anyone, its true I have killed your parents, I have put blame on Sarla. She gets a knife and goes to stab Devanshi. She kicks Devanshi. Vardaan shouts Kusum Sundari. Kusum gets shocked seeing everyone coming. The villagers surround Kusum. They all scold Devanshi.

Kusum says its all false, Devanshi is wrong, I have kept maun vrath and was doing maha tapp to save you all from this bad soul. Mohan looks on. The lady asks how much lie will you say, we have seen video in which you told truth to Devanshi. The man says we got to know how you fooled us. Ishwar says your every truth came out in front of them, all the truth of your crimes. Kusum says its all lie and cries.

She asks did they not see how she has cut her hand. Mohan puts her hand on fire. They all get shocked seeing her hand fine.

Kusum gets tensed. Mohan says its all lie, like you all got to know her lie today, he has threatened me and involved me in her crimes. Kusum says this… Ishwar asks her to stop drama and accept the crime in front of them, tell them you did the attack on Vardaan. They all get shocked.

Kusum asks them to shut up. She asks how can a mum attack her son. Devanshi says you said right, no mum can get her son killed, but hyou are not Vardaan’s mum. They all get shocked again. Vardaan asks what are you saying. Ishwar says its true, she is not your mum, she is your mum’s twin sister, who got greedy to rule over temple, she has killed your mum, I went out of village for some work that day. FB shows Ishwar seeing his wife Kusum dead. He cries.

Evil Kusum says don’t cry, you will not miss her, I will take her place. He hugs Vardaan. She says I will manage the temple also, see how I make your small temple in big place. He says Suman, I will not leave you. She hits on his head and faints him. FB ends. He says when I got conscious, I found myself in mental hospital, I was handicapped, and this woman controlled temple. Mohan says its true, I took Ishwar to hospital, Kusum threatened to kill me, so I agreed to her. Ishwar says I felt I can never come back from hospital, I had to expose her, so I wrote Kusum’s truth on wall, which Devanshi read in childhood, this woman was very clever, she has used it for her profit and blamed Sarla. Vardaan gets angry and takes an axe. Golu stops Vardaan. Devanshi asks Vardaan not to spoil his hands by her blood, you won’t do anything. Vardaan says you cheated me, you have hidden big thing from me. Devanshi asks him to listen. Vardaan goes. Kusum holds Devanshi to stab. Golu holds Kusum’s hand. Ishwar asks Devanshi to go and manage Vardaan.

Gopi says I have served you all my life, you have ruined my trust, I will punish you, you are a sinner, I will not leave you. Ishwar stops Gopi. Everyone shout beat Kusum. Devanshi stops Vardaan. He asks what else did you hide, I feel like my identity is a lie, you knew this and have hidden this, you cheated me, get away from my sight. She stops him and asks him if she told this before, what would he do. He says I would have killed Kusum. She says that’s why I did not tell you this before, I know your anger, you take wrong step, I don’t want to lose you. Servant says villagers are trying to burn Kusum, come fast. People get angry on Kusum and tie her to the tree, pour kerosene on her. Devanshi says if I think the same, what will be difference between me and Kusum, I will stop this. Ishwar asks everyone to listen, we can’t take law in our hand. Kusum apologizes and says I accept all my crimes, let me go. The villagers get angry. A guy throws the fire torch on her. Devanshi holds the fire torch. Kusum looks on.

Devanshi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum keeps knife at Devanshi’s neck. Devanshi says you can’t run away.

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