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Devanshi 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Devanshi on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Pavan not to do all this. He asks why are you hurt seeing me hurt, what I go through when you get hurt, now I have come and its time our enemies get hurt, have this special tea, I have made this for you. She thanks him. She drinks the tea and doesn’t like it. He says I made this special tea for Kusum, she forgot servant can give poison instead tea. She says your idea is good, but we will think of Kusum later, we have to save Kalki and Nutan from the evil sins, else they will become Kukarmi Devi’s devotees. He asks her not to worry, he will keep an eye on Kusum and Maya. She says I will also an eye on them.

Kalki asks Kusum to sing a lullaby for her. Kusum asks her to sleep, she will sing later. Kalki insists. Pavan gets tea for Kusum. She says you are looking good in servant’s getup, you think of servant’s name instead Pavan. She drinks tea and coughs. He says tea is to make sleep away. Kusum goes. Kalki asks what did you do with my mum. He says nothing, I made tea for the first time and person makes mistakes.

Gopi comes to Nutan and sees her arranging jewelry. She asks him to say what he has to say. He says I met a sadhu, who has big parasmani. She asks what, it can make things turn into gold by touch, take me there, I need gold. Gopi prays Devanshi’s plan succeeds and Nutan gets free of greed.

Devanshi keeps an eye on Maya. Maya calls Kusum and asks her to get Kalki to hall. Maya feeds milk to Kalki and tells Kusum that they have to feed this milk to Kusum any way. Kusum takes Kalki with her. Its morning, Devanshi changes the milk in the pot. Maya comes to Kusum and throws the milk. She says Devanshi is clever, she has changed the milk. She feeds the milk. Devanshi looks on and thinks how she fooled Maya, by not swapping the milk, this will make Kalki out of evil control.

Devanshi gets ready. Vardaan looks on and thinks he knows for whom is Devanshi getting ready, he will remind her that she is still his wife. Kalki says I m feeling sleepy, I want to sleep, I don’t want to do all this. She argues with Kusum and asks her to make her sleep. Kusum thinks what’s happening to her today, I have to be strict. Maya thinks something is wrong.

Devanshi helps Pavan in work and says I may make your problems away by help. Pavan says no, Maiyya will get annoyed, I love you and you don’t love me. She says don’t say this, I will help you in work. He smiles. Kalki refuses to become Mata and runs downstairs to Devanshi. Devanshi asks her to go and sleep, she will see that non disturbs her sleep. Kalki smiles and goes. Devanshi taunts Maya on her magic effect going. Kusum asks Pavan to massage her legs. Pavan sits and massages her legs. She screams and gets hurt. She scolds him and goes. Devanshi and Pavan smile. Vardaan comes to them and throws clothes on Pavan. He congratulates Pavan and asks him to rest in servant’s quarter. Devanshi gets angry. Pavan stops her. Pavan says I will stay in servants’ room, you can leave now. Vardaan goes. Pavan says we have to save Nutan from greed sin tonight.

Pavan takes Devanshi and gives her a surprise on her birthday. She says I forgot it, thanks. He says you can forget your birthday, but I can’t, I wanted to make you meet your childhood memories, Gopi told me you were very naughty, he told me many stories, you are living with burdens today. She thanks him. He says not now and takes her to show the cake. He lights the candle. She blows the candle and cuts the cake. They feed cake to each other. She asks him is he doing this to impress her. He says its not like that, I have full control on myself, but I m worried for you, you can fall in love with me seeing my sweet gestures. He smiles.


Devanshi 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Devanshi sees Vardaan in bed and scolds him. He says I m your husband. She kicks him out of the room. Vardaan joins hands with Kusum and Maya. Vardaan asks Kalki to help him.

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