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Devanshi 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi and Mohan arguing at the lawyer’s office. Lawyer says the papers are original, Kalki Shah is the real owner, no lawyer can do anything, is this clear. They get shocked. Kusum and Menka check the room for papers. Mohan calls Kusum and says the papers are original. Kusum gets shocked and sees Ishwar’s pic. Kusum asks Ishwar when did he sell the house and temple land, how did Kalki get the papers, tell me. She breaks and crushes his pic. Menka asks did you not check papers till now. Kusum says I thought Vardaan is in my control, I did not know Ishwar did this. Menka asks how can Ishwar sell the land to a stranger, Kalki said she bought this from someone. Kusum says Kalki is clever. Menka says I m scared of Kalki, think of our plan.

Kusum says I m worried for my elections, how will I do campaigning. Devanshi recalls Ishwar and says the people who made my child away, I will bring a storm in their lives. She holds her womb and cries. She says I could not take you in arms, this room is the one I wanted to make yours, I thought to decorate your cradle and toys here, I would have taken you in lap. She cries. Nutan says what will happen of us, this house belongs to Kalki. Menka taunts Nutan and smiles. Kusum comes. They all argue. Devanshi asks is this house or fish market, I want peaceful atmosphere here. Kusum thinks this girl can’t be Devanshi, how will she get so much money.

Vardaan asks how can papers be genuine. Gopi says I don’t know. Devanshi says so finally you all agreed that I m the owner of the house. Vardaan says no, I don’t believe this, but I believe my mum, she will bring truth out. Kusum says yes. Devanshi checks he costumes and asks manager to make Vardaan and Gopi try the dresses.

She taunts Vardaan on his attitude when he has no status in the house. Kusum asks what are you saying. Devanshi says he is a puppet, you have his remote. She asks Vardaan what does he do, try the clothes, do something in your life. Servant comes and tells about the horse’s child dying, horse is not moving, she will not run in the race. Vardaan says she listens to me, you move her child away, she will move then. Devanshi laughs. Vardaan asks do you have heart or not, you are laughing on her. Devanshi says I m laughing on your thinking, you think if you make child away, mum will forget child, if child is dead, mum can’t forget him, I don’t think you understand mum’s feeling.

Vardaan says strange, you are talking about emotions, you are going to break temple, you are making Maiyya out. She throws a glass to him. He catches it and asks what are you doing. She says you have caught the glass when I have thrown this, you did not react when I just acted, your Maiyya is also an illusion, she has no identity, it does not matter if temple stays or not, you can’t win race by making a mum away from child, its a challenge. He says if I win then. She says I will be ready to do anything you want. He says then Maiyya idol will be in temple. She says alright, if you lose, you will do what I say.

Mohan says I still feel this girl is Devanshi, Ishwar was dead, how did she get papers. Kusum says yes, Devanshi fell down the cliff, how did Ishwar name papers to her, we have to find out. He asks how. Menka says I have a way to bring truth out. Kusum asks her to say. Menka says I want bribe. Kusum hides money. Menka laughs. She says I want that diamond necklace. Kusum holds her neck and scolds her for blackmailing her. Menka says I will tell everything. Mohan stops Kusum and says I guarantee you will get necklace. Mohan asks Kusum to give necklace.

Menka smiles seeing the necklace. Menka says i have a plan. She tells them. Devanshi cries and says no father in the world can say this, someone ask me what I m going through, I have to teach them a lesson. Nutan comes there and sees her crying. She asks are you crying. Devanshi says because of onions. Nutan asks why did you cut onions. Devanshi says its a face pack for glowing skin. Nutan argues. Devanshi says husbands often cheat. Nutan says Kusum wants to talk to you. She goes. Devanshi thinks what does Kusum want from me.


Devanshi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi asks them to stay order for house as well. She drives the bulldozer. Everyone run. Vardaan stands in front of the bulldozer.

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