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Devanshi 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Mohan threatening Kusum to expose her. Devanshi hears them and thinks I came here to tell Omi that Rajjo is not getting married to Malik, but I got to know this, who is this woman, who did bad with Ishwar. Rishi comes to Ishwar and says I told you when Devanshi steps in your house, things will change, is it happening. Ishwar nods. Devanshi runs and comes home. Kusum asks Mohan to go. Mohan thinks I threatened her a lot, no one else can free me. He goes and stops her. He says listen, I m angry and said all that, you know I love you a lot, you also love me, free me from jail. Kusum asks him to stay away and talk, don’t doubt on my powers. She goes.

Devanshi comes to meet Kusum. Kusum is hiding the saree. Devanshi says I came to tell about Omi. Kusum says I will free Omi,go, we will talk tomorrow. Devanshi says I was saying, Mohan… Kusum says don’t worry, I called sabha in morning. Devanshi says not that thing. Kusum gets dizzy and drops packet. She asks Devanshi to go. Devanshi thinks she can get more unwell hearing the truth, I will tell this truth to Geeta and Vardaan first. Kusum falls on sofa.

Vardaan asks who is it, who made Papa helpless. Geeta says she is staying in our house, it can’t be from family, maybe some maid, Mohan would have used her. Devanshi says I wish I could tell Kusum, but she was unwell. Vardaan says its good, else she would call all maids, and that bad maid would have got alert. Geeta says why are they doing this when Mohan accepted the crime, he did not tell the reason for murder, we have to find out that woman. Vardaan asks how. She says we will check maid’s rooms to get clue, there is maha sabha tomorrow, everyone will be busy, this thing should be just between us. Devanshi says fine, we will find that woman silently.

Devanshi says promise we will get that woman’s truth out and get her punished, like Mohan. They join hands. Kusum gets conscious and says what’s happening, all my plans are failing, I will fulfill my dreams by any way, I have to do something big that Malik comes back on his own to give me ticket, I have to convince Rajjo to marry Malik, I have to do this before maha sabha, I will give punishment to Mohan in front of everyone.

Kusum acts and says if Rajjo’s marriage breaks, I will give away my life. Rajjo looks on. Kusum says I promised my mum in law to do Rajjo’s marriage, she will get defamed if marriage breaks, who will marry her. Rajjo stops Kusum from committing suicide. Kusum asks what shall I do, Mohan killed Sarju, I could not stop him when he made Devanshi an orphan, if your marriage breaks, I can’t see you unmarried, I will give up my life. Rajjo throws the knife. Rajjo says I will convince Malik for marriage, you and Ishwar are my life, I can do anything for you two, I will do this marriage. Kusum smiles. Ashutosh calls Rajjo. She disconnects. She asks Kusum to fix marriage date, my marriage will happen with Malik. Kusum hugs her.

Its morning, Gopi asks Ishwar to see Mohan getting punished in temple, its your right to see. He asks Vardaan to come. Vardaan says no, I don’t want to see his face. He asks Geeta to go, Devanshi and I will be here. She asks where is Devanshi. He says she went to check maid’s room, you have to go, else Kusum will doubt.

Kusum comes there. Gopi asks shall we leave. Kusum says yes. Gopi says I want to see Mohan getting punished. Kusum fears that Mohan can do anything. Gopi says you have to decide Mohan’s punishment. Kusum asks are you not coming. Vardaan says I hate that Mohan. Gopi says he does not want to see Mohan’s face, I asked him to come. Kusum asks him to come. Kusum thinks where is Devanshi, is she digging new pit in my way. She asks where is Devanshi. Vardaan and Geeta worry.

Geeta says maybe she is playing with Sakshi. Kusum calls servants and asks them to find Devanshi and get her to temple sabha. She thinks its imp for Devanshi to be here. She asks Vardaan and Geeta to come. Vardaan worries. They all leave.

Devanshi sees maid shutting her room and going. Devanshi thinks now last maid is also going temple, its good chance to check their room. She waits for Vardaan. Servant looks for her. Devanshi enters room and thinks from where to start. She checks things and thinks why did Mohan and that woman kill Sarju and my parents.

Devanshi 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Devanshi gets a new proof, which could change Kusum’s fate.

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