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Devanshi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi meeting Kaki and saying Menka can’t stay with us in our house now. Kaki says don’t punish Menka, I was helpless to make this relation because of Kulakshini. Devanshi asks what. Kusum comes and makes a story. Devanshi says you all cheated us and lied, I will never forgive you for this. Nutan apologizes to Menka and Golu. She says I decided, I will name my property to you two, sign on this. Golu signs happily. He praises Nutan.

Nutan says I know Menka is illiterate, I got this ink for Menka. Menka leaves thumb impressions. Golu says I will tell this to Papa and goes. Nutan taunts Menka. Devanshi says I will not punish Menka for this, she will stay as bahu. Kaki thanks her. Kusum thinks my lie has worked, I have to shut Kaki’s mouth and control Devanshi.

Nutan says its divorce papers, its written you and Golu are ready for divorce. Menka says its a lie, you cheated us. Nutan slaps her and says now its time for revenge. She drags Menka and throws her out.

Devanshi comes. Menka asks Devanshi to see Nutan took signs on divorce papers by cheat, save me. Devanshi asks Nutan what is she doing, how can she make Menka out. Nutan asks how did you change so soon. Devanshi says I m supporting right, I know Menka did wrong, she has done this by her illness, she has sleepwalking problem.

Nutan says its good, if she kills Golu, what will I do, by what relation are you supporting her. Devanshi says I regard her younger sister, its mistake of Menka’s family, why to punish Menka, will you kick out Golu if he has same illness. Nutan says he is my son. Devanshi says Menka is someone’s daughter, how can you make her leave, I decided Menka will stay here. Kusum thinks Devanshi got her destruction back. Devanshi says Menka will get fine by treatment. Ishwar comes and says she will get fine, Devanshi took right decision, I m proud of her, Menka will stay with us. Kusum smiles.

Devanshi consoles Menka. Menka says I did not do wrong with Nutan. Devanshi says I know, you will be fine. Menka cries and says you are very nice and strong. Vardaan comes and hears them. Menka praises Devanshi. Vardaan smiles and says my Devanshi is perfect, I met Ishwar, he told me what you did for Menka. Menka compliments and blesses them pairing.

Kusum adds something in the milk. Mohan looks on. Kusum says Devanshi got a chance to stop her destruction, she lost it, Devanshi got problems back. Mohan asks what’s this blackmagic. She asks him to drink milk and see. He asks are you mad. She feeds him. He gets dizzy. He sees three Kusum and laughs. He tries to catch her. She disappears. He catches her. They laugh. She stops him and asks him to think if he got mad for her, what will Vardaan do when Menka feeds him the entire glass, Vardaan will do something tonight, that Devanshi will shatter.

Vardaan sees Devanshi in kitchen and says its injustice, you did not come to room. She likes the saree and asks is this for me, choice is good. She asks him to have patience. Dekheya mai chand…..plays…. He holds her. They romance. Menka gets ready. Devanshi makes fruit juice. Vardaan lifts Devanshi and takes her.

Kusum says you know what to do next. She gives the milk glass to Menka. Vardaan and Devanshi get close. Devanshi gets a call. He signs her to answer. Someone asks Devanshi to come to temple fast, there is big problem. Devanshi says there is some problem, I have to go temple. Vardaan opens the door and signs her to go. She says Vardaan…. He says I m not annoyed, I have a condition, you give me a sweet smile before going. He kisses her. She smiles and leaves. Kusum keeps the phone and laughs. She changes the glass and asks Menka to feed the milk to Vardaan. Vardaan goes. Kusum says Vardaan will have suhaagraat with Menka, not Devanshi, stop this if you can Devanshi.

Devanshi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Kusum dances. Mohan looks on. Kusum gets shocked seeing Menka fallen down and Devanshi coming.